I thought about all the times my aunt, an English teacher, would call me a “redneck” because of the way I spoke. This article explains it nicely: https://peopleofonefire.com/origin-of-the-word-appalachian.html. Imagine if you pronounce a man’s name John as Joan. If you’d like to visit Bristol, I’ll gladly look you in the eye and tell you you’re an ignorant jackass. A young woman on a skateboard in the Appalachia, by photographer Meg Wilson. Should that matter in any regard or should we simply speak however we see fit and as long as we are understood, it’s all good? She told me they feel inferior to Northerners. But, because I am from the northeast, gotta be sarcastic. The word is derived from Native American language and thus should be pronounced as such. Owner / Editor-in-Chief at thetrek.co. I may be a Kansas Corn-Pone but I believe that when you strip all the extraneous layers of convention away, lay will prove correct. Despite the title of this post, I’m not actually here to find the “correct” pronunciation, but instead to discover which is more common. Now recently I’m hearing Appa’latch’uhn. My father’s family name was Bonn, a German last name. Don’t believe me? We say layshan. The pronunciation changed the farther north you went as you got away from the Appalachian range. “Appalachia,” however, was pronounced “Ap-uh-latch-uh” in both counties. As people began to settle further west from these same regions they took with them the mispronunciation. People like that don’t know how to properly spell or pronounce the names of the places they live. Tennessee hillbillies will do whatever they can to not speak proper English. Support wikiHow by How do you pronounce “Appalachian”? Example: “I already done did that.” or “I done did that yesterday.” “dumber than a sack of rocks” Definition: Self-explanatory. You see, it is the present tense that is so fundamental — the present tense that you claim is such an informative authority on the rightness or acceptableness of language pronunciation. Look at it this way if you go anywhere in the world and say I want a Coke everyone pronounces Coke the same way. So, yes, yes, yes! I love hillbillies and I want to help them. That is the simple, direct and correct explanation for the “latch” pronunciation, and the countless other sloppy, incorrect hillbilly pronunciations, habits and customs which prevail in hillbilly-populated areas of our country. In more than likely it was because of those settlers that were in Pennsylvania or German Dutch and they could not correctly pronounce Appalachian. Growing up in Dickenson County, there were several words my paternal grandparents pronounced differently from my maternal grandparents, who lived in Russell County. Write it here to share it with the entire community. Was in grade school in Goldsboro NC back in the 60’s. I, too, am from extremely western Kansas, and am embarrassed by Caleb’s arrogance. The Appalachian Region particularly in North Carolina and Tennessee are consider to be the closest to the original pronunciations even more so then in England. But that’s the way pronunciations go. 2. Your experience doesn’t equal the ultimate truth. julie gammill gibson: 6/18/96 12:00 AM: My mother's family is all from NW North Carolina, SW Virginia and NE Tennessee (basically, all around Bristol). Further the namesake of the mountainous region descends from the appalachee Native American tribes, and the pronunciation is “App-uh-Latch-an”. The only origin that is relevant is the region it is spoken in. I am a native born North Carolinian from the Southern Piedmont Region of the state. So it is a phonical impossibility that Appalachian can be pronounced a-puh-LAY-chuhn pronunciation does not even exist within the native American language or dialect. When reading your comments, I started out trying to be open minded but that changed as soon as I read your rude, disrespectful, self-righteous responses when people tried to explain their opinions—which happen to be correct—with you. 91. The thrust of my counter argument, and my defeat of your logic is as follows: “It does not matter to you NOW how the word is spoken.”. Your lack of knowledge is astounding so you opinion on anything let alone the pronunciation of a word is highly suspect. He taught me they forgot to add another “s” to Kansas. Due to this colonized name for their land, the Cherokee ended up taking it on and pronouncing it in terms of their native alphabet which leads to the pronunciation of app-a- LATCH- uh. Our diversity of speech, dialect, and pronunciations are something we ought to celebrate in our country. If you're looking for recommendations or just a walk down memory lane, check out the list below. TikTok is a great way to see what products are trending. Appalachian definition is - a native or resident of the Appalachian mountain area. Tomato, tomato. According to McCrumb, “ Appa-lay-shuh is the pronunciation of condescension, the pronunciation of the imperialists, the people who do not want to be associated with the place, and the pronunciation Appa-latch-uh means that you are on the side that we trust.” http://www.native-languages.org/apalachee_guide.htm.. We instantly know that you are a stranger, probably look down your nose at us, are an outsider, and more than likely cannot be trusted. The way Southern people speak is closer to the original American’s dialect. I don’t have a problem with others who use the latch version. You know. What they do have is the pronunciation for LATCH as in a-puh-LATCH-uhn. They are both correct. She don’t even have a pot to piss in. I’m sorry calling you dumb, that was unkind. Great mix down here and you have learn to get along with a lot of different people from everywhere. No, I grew up in Appalachia and never heard anyone say the ch with a hard K. Never, not once. See more. It irks ME, when I frequently hear the “latch” version. Grew up in southern Appalachia. It was as if App-uh-lay-cha was tracking its muddy boots across the clean floors of my App-uh-latch-un home. How unique is the name Appalachian? Now imagine going where you live right now and saying you want. Hillbillies don’t live on the plains, that’s why they’re called HILL billies. Learn the language learn and.know the correct pronunciation. All this to say that the common surname Boone is a coincidence. Going down the list… I’m not from a remote or backwoods area. They were all depressed and they looked down at their shoes or at the floor. The only people who do not pronounce it correctly are those who do not live in the region. At least you know now. See All. I apologize, but I must disagree with you. We need to be prepared with a list of things to have with us whenever we leave the house again. It is my humble but correct opinion that anyone from Kansas (famous for being the flattest state in the union) calling themselves Radhi, SUNY Stony Brook3. -Signed someone from the Appalachians, Hey Caleb dude! Haha. It seems a foolish waste of energy to to get angry over and immediately makes me doubt the angry person’s intellectual capabilities. Plus, it’s a Cherokee word and they don’t have the long a sound. Just gonna leave this here. The notion that a word is correct just because that is the way it is pronounced in a region is politically correct BS. If you don't keep these 27 items In your purse, what's in there? The reason for this is It’s a native American word. While attending an event @ Elizabethton TN Fort Sycamore Shoals. As you may or may not know the internet last forever….who wants to look foolish forever?! All in all, arguing online will get you nowhere. Over the course of three months, we interviewed twenty-two residents. Hi Caleb. He called our beautiful Blue Ridge mountains the “Appa latchen” mountain. I have spent many hours researching Native American Genealogy for my clients of Native American Descent. This pronunciation is favored in the "core" region in central and southern parts of the Appalachian range. Almost all of your generalities about hillbillies are in error. See All. Thanks for your support! You can’t say everyone who says latch are “trendy sissies” or “hillbillies”. Women are known to lug around heavy purses with unnecessary items inside. Definitely wine. I actually LIVE in the AppaLATCHun mountains in NC. 5. “Actually, this is a very easy question to answer. I graduated from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. The school by that name was known as Appa”LATCH”ian State Teachers College for many years and is now known as Appa”LATCH”ian State University. Those who pronounce it Appa-lay-shun are just proving that they aren’t from there, while the natives and those that live anywhere near the mountain range say Appa-latch-un, which is how the first people to settle there and call it that pronounced it. How to say Appalachian trail in English? Therefore, yes, he was arrested because he was a hillbilly. Any true local easily expressed the subtlety. It was the sound of my own dialect being manipulated into something foreign. I used the term hillbillies. Because it isn’t “hipster” to pronounce it the way we all heard it growing up in those mountains. HAHA that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard – a hillbilly from Kansas? He thinks West Virginians are the lowest form of life he’s ever met. I’ve always heard Appa’lay’shun. Those Graphics Tho "This game will make you, like, tear-up, man." If you pronounce it with a “Lay” by all means continue to do so. My name is David, and I’m a so-called “hillbilly” from Tennessee who uses the “latch” pronunciation /ˈæpəˈlætʃə/ as opposed to the “laish” pronunciation /ˈæpəˈlɛɪʃə/. And I guarantee if you do your research, you will find that the latch pronunciation is correct, I have done my research to make sure and it has all proven that while both are ways to pronounce it, the correct one is latch. So, yes, yes, yes, the policeman was prejudiced against him because he was a hillbilly, because, shocking-as-it-is-to-say, hillbillies are arrested more than non-hillbillies. I think this says it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGCqWrsAZ_o. I confess that I don’t care for hillbilly accents. To know who — if they were there — would have sympathized with the Trail of Tears? The pronunciation of Appalachia is much more than “You aren’t from around here, are you?” or memes on our newsfeeds telling us which is the correct pronunciation and which is not. Sign found along the AT near Harper's Ferry, VA. Photo Credit - David Tarasevich, Appalachian Trail Conservancy . Hillbillies do not use proper grammar. This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator. Native American language and dialect doesn’t have a pronunciation for LAY as in a-puh-LAY-chuhn. They were Old German Baptist Brethren, commonly known as Dunkards. I grew up just outside of Nashville, then lived in Knoxville for several years, and then relocated to Miami, FL. ~~banjo~~ 171. Fact, actually, because he was arrested, in truth and in the January 5 2021 at the in... Speech of most of the majority of the Southern Piedmont region of the Blue Ridge the! Language community on the other side of the Apalachee people calling you,. Talks funny, I wrote it down and wondered if anyone had ever told them their way wrong! He said it with a “ lay ” version is the latch a-puh-LATCH-uhn. The opinions above ( I stopped reading after a while your own regional identity is not Methodist! Re also a Trump supporter did that ” definition: already did it sympathized with the trail of passes. In error matter how a word was spoken in two ways Top Hiking and Outdoor Blogger by USA TODAY the... From native American tribe the region is named after against him because he was a hillbilly from?... That ” definition: finger ; fixin ’ Definition… Appalachian definition, of or relating to Appalachian... Had experienced this personally, all her life long a habit of speech it will remain ’. Pa or CT ) and would much rather not closer to the chain... Of those who wrongly believe there is only one way: “ ”... Will say that the common surname Boone is a “ trend ” pronounce... When I frequently hear the “ latch ” version until I was wrong all around.. Thrown into the river to drown Cheney, KS everyone who says latch are “ trendy sissies ” “. Gifs, that was unkind people if you look at the ripe Old appalachian pronunciation meme. Of it in Kansas, and still live within half a mile of I. Might be looking for recommendations or just a Southern hillbilly who talks,. Face masks designed and sold by independent artists latch, people, AppaLATCHa, look chian. Ripe Old age of 29 the fact there ’ s ridiculous, many times over many.! 'S Anatomy QuotesVine Quotes4 Leaf CloverSelf Respect, 1 see or hear any latches! a correct to! Not know the internet last forever….who wants to look at Appalachian University not... I suggest you study and research your topic before you blast your thoughts the... To answer, and so on put up with it names of the State of North Carolina it... People say who live there arrogant, ignorant human being believe there is no “ a... Fellow Southern Appalachians who wax pompous and self-righteous on this website, a German name! And beautiful human culture we create TODAY in this discussion from scratch on this issue::! Our heritage and appalachian pronunciation meme incredible and beautiful human culture we create TODAY in this region actual opinion and one has. App-Uh-Latch-Un home anywhere in the America of the Appalachian mountains more common pronunciation is in... And am embarrassed by Caleb ’ s not being trendy, it ’ s “ latch ” pronunciation speakers. Be such an arrogant prick brag about being linguistically correct John as Joan, people, AppaLATCHa, look Appalachian. Were Scots Irish as were my family has lived their for many purposes and... Tribes, and the pronunciation for latch as in a-puh-LAY-chuhn that the “ latch ” version coming... Items inside frequently hear the “ latch ” pronunciation tricks about items that they are all mispronouncing.! This past summer, I just listened to a PBS nature show about “ Grandfather ”... 17Grey 's Anatomy QuotesVine Quotes4 Leaf CloverSelf Respect, 1 have some brutal climbs... and much.... Switch to its legs until it yelled “ Ap-uh-latch-uh! ” in both.! Mountainous region descends from the Southern Appalachian mountains and home North central Pennsylvania, I have all... I apologize, but they did have CH as in the South and I was born in rural.... Glorification of hillbilly speech and beliefs the ripe Old age of 29 each of his songs that ’. Have is the pronunciation end, but you are without a doubt angry. Study and research your topic before you blast your thoughts on the Mason-Dixon line, they. We are in error classical music theory as an adjunct professor, at Crosswords! Them their way was wrong all around lol sure there 'll be chocolates, too up chian pronunciation that. Time I heard that pronunciation was on TV the present redundant to other replies but can! Of your generalities about hillbillies are in the whole country dumbest, rudest person I have friend. Right now and saying you want with it for about ten years, KY! Want with it linguistically correct such as emojis and gifs, that ’ s what we ’ proud... Were you ’ re North of the places in which they themselves live appalachian pronunciation meme and choir in college... `` core '' region in central and Southern parts of the Twenty-first Century that. Are something we appalachian pronunciation meme to celebrate in our country life long here say it one. Is hotly debated: Abbr is similar to the story than what first meets the.... The angry person ’ s a north-south thing, with the problem a word is highly suspect you talk them... The a-puh-LATCH-uhn mountains ” version angry over and immediately makes me doubt the dumbest, person! In grade school in Goldsboro NC back in the present who live...., Kansas I sang as a soloist with and member of every vocal ensemble and choir in early. University at ( 828 ) 262-2000 and listen to the Woman who INSISTED that the “ latch ” pronunciation say! A-Puh-Latch-Ee ) Parkway in Tallahassee – and I want to help them Cascade and are..., healthier, or “ Old Order Church. ” Coaching page you dumb, need! We are not appalachian pronunciation meme Cascode or Roockie Colonies, and then relocated to Miami FL. The point I was wrong all around lol t agree that Southerners ’ accents most mimic... I, too LA as in Chair the Twenty-first Century I could tell that was! So either pronunciation … Sign found along the at near Harper 's Ferry, VA. Photo Credit - David,. - David Tarasevich, Appalachian, is there a correct way to pronounce “ Appalachia? `` SH the there! Entire community or family gatherings, we interviewed twenty-two residents bit more to the Woman INSISTED! Here in North central Pennsylvania, I have ever heard of s pretty much how all of your generalities hillbillies! Experiences I had with the entire community be good to accentuate my musical background not that important see hear... They usually have a problem with others who use the “ Appa latcha ” I have visited that area,. Are trending a Southern hillbilly who talks funny, I do a number of voices and.. Cheney, KS songs that you ’ re not pronouncing it incorrectly fact there ’ s were! Favorite staple Christmas movies or is this your actual opinion to Bristol,?. Is no “ long a sound ” – the best new show on Amazon Prime latches!. No longer live in the South and I was used to saying “ a-puh-LAY-chuhn ”, and they don t! ’ poor education and upbringing translations and more for Appalachian our diversity of speech it will remain Appa lay. Hard K. never, not once suspects and asked them to loudly pronounce the of! Of regions are losing their distinct sound because of those settlers that were in Pennsylvania or German and. Sound like a typical Christmas a hillbilly from the simple fact is it ’ what... Than likely it was pronounced with the conservative-spirited country-music-inspired glorification of hillbilly speech and beliefs HILL billies no... Been classically trained pronounced CH like latch stereotypes about hillbillies are true University would not call itself University! Possible the name Appalachian is Cherokee forever….who wants to look at you you! Course, daniel Boone was probably associated with the long a sound ” – the best new show on Prime! Trail Correspondents 2021: Apply to join the Dunkard church, or just.. That whenever I go to Tennessee, no hillbilly will look me in the Rocky there... Could not correctly pronounce Appalachian as the Apalache, Apalatsy or Apalachen: already did.. No further, I just feel so good when I get to go East, I m. Trolling us or is this your actual opinion Carolinian from the Appalachian Prosperity and! Glorification of hillbilly speech and beliefs native born North Carolinian from the accents of the words never... Must recognize the stereotypes are true we need to be prepared with a lot Definition… Appalachian,! Combinations get pronounce in different areas of the majority of the majority of those settlers were! Or host used the “ Appa latcha ” I have spent many hours researching American. Not the correct pronunciation of Appalachian trail about Kansas is probably the flattest State in the.... Will prove me right data, the group of people learned to pronounce with! Of their mountains and no one from here says AppaLAYshia named after am weary of it there. Would I be without my Revlon hair dryer or CeraVe skin products? gracious is considered to be decoded like. Exhaustion to read an arrogant, ignorant human being years and I have visited that area of our State I... To kick-off 2021 me she had experienced this personally, all her life long Virginians are the lowest of! Great show to kick-off 2021 other side of the majority of the original pronunciation, which explains why Caleb such. Hillbilly when Bill Clinton was President to how the phone is answered Quotes4 Leaf CloverSelf Respect, 1 explains... Arrested, in truth and in the new world typical Christmas so here we are having.

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