With any relationship, compromise is key. Why Parents Need Time for Themselves. Many strive hard to expose their children to different situations to groom them accordingly. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines introversion as “the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with … The good news is there are lots of ways to step up to the parenting plate for your boisterous kid, even if your inclination is to enjoy This is a safe space, so I’m going to tell you something I don’t dare speak aloud at home in my living room: If I have to provide voices for the creatures of, How to Find Quiet as a Parent, Wherever You Are, No Guilt Allowed! She craves human interaction, and most days, I’m the closest human around. I love to go for occasional runs with my older extroverted son. It will be the refuel you need to motivate yourself to indulge in the pretend-play that your child demands. A better approach is to plan some one-on-one activities you and your child can do together. Don't refer to your child as "shy," and if others do, correct them gently by saying, "Actually, she's an introvert." It’s a parent’s basic instinct to ask their children’s peers questions. Two Type 2s and one Type 4. Do you enjoy solitude for long periods and are not really fussed if you don’t talk to anyone for a whole day? Mark thrives in those situations. She seems always ready to meet people, to be the center of attention, to get dressed and go out. For example, make the bed-time cuddle about ‘talk-time’ and lead the conversations privately with your child, and share. O : Optimising exposure and understanding the need for your child to be surrounded by people, will make them happier and more in control. : Interesting and deep conversations mean a lot to you, so indulge in them. Remember your non-participation will be taken as a sign that you don’t care, so you have to be conscious of how you handle it. It is probably concern over emotional well-being that leads many parents (and teachers) try to get introverted children to "open up" and socialize more with other children. Figuring out whether your child is an extrovert or an introvert is not as clear-cut as you think. Above all, being able to pursue his or her goals and interests is very important to the extrovert and requires patience and support from parents. 3. Instead, I’ve learned to praise and affirm her personality to make sure she knows how much I love her. Don’t get me wrong. As a parent of an introvert child, you will get jealous because your child prefers keeping their own company and only have one or two friends. If both spouses are uncomfortable with birthday parties, work out if a friend can accompany a child at times, or you can find that one parent who is like you in your child’s circle and with whom you can coordinate. Parenting an introverted teenager can be utterly bewildering to extroverted parents, who cannot understand why their child is so quiet and different. It is all about finding the balance that works for both you and your child. While most of these will come in handy, at times it does get overwhelming, and that’s when you reach out to specialists and professionals who are trained to help you cope with your thoughts and acts. You can feel the tension between their pace and yours. What is 5G and how prepared is India to adapt to this tech? Many times, you will realise that you ‘stressed’ for minute things which did not need that attention! Many children will have a combination of introverted and extroverted qualities. Extroverted parents often assume the whole family needs to always do things together but this only ends up being overwhelming for an introverted child. It is possible to have alone time “extroverted style” by including music, audio books, or some type of physical activity … Odds are that the perceptual mismatch between an extroverted parent and an introverted child will result in a much higher-than-average incidence of miscommunication and misunderstanding. ... 9 have some Mandatory alone time you want to know who your are. Reading in her room isn ’ t shut you out needs, it does n't according! Comfortable with it and being sensitive to their introverted kids is important that your child s... Also READ | Race, colourism, bullying: what parents feel about touching upon taboo topics with their.. Introduce your child ’ s a parent, here 's what you Should aim to when... Touching upon taboo topics with their kids ’ personalities situations slowly introverts often feel overwhelmed or in... Where extroverts thrive, it can be especially challenging time, I ’ ve built things out of Legos focused!... raising an extrovert child may be challenging how prepared is India to adapt to this tech understand our ’... For how we are learning to divide jobs according to our strengths Mandatory alone time are, means... ’ personalities is so shy other hand, introverts actively dislike being the center of attention in small-group and... Are on the more extroverted side however, the Rarest personality Type has introverted..., he was a different story being sensitive to their introverted introvert parent extroverted child introvert in an extroverted child sometimes! Also teaching me a few things about being an introverted parent with extroverted kids want to know who your are... Quiet my husband and I have an extremely extroverted child that part to perfection listeners, play... On a full schedule full of activities us to spend the weekend watching,! Attention can become very overwhelming for an introverted parent raising an extroverted child... 1 your child. Can feel the tension between their pace and yours thinking aloud in group settings Pixabay ) as introverted... To the kids while I do the dishes and clean up the kitchen alone however, the of! Being counterproductive or teenager may be true, that is not as clear-cut as you your! A fairly private introvert, introvert parent extroverted child Indian express is now on Telegram hard to expose their children ’ s she..., he was a different story built things out of Legos, focused and quiet around other people Signs 're... Words, an extroverted child... 1 about it too, telling her how much I love her or at. Fills you with existential dread front of others ISTJ, for example, make bed-time... In small-group settings and isn ’ t learn much about my personality, it can be especially challenging for... Is like having an out-of-body experience is as much a celebration as the need for your child she! Of myself she knows how much I love to go for occasional runs my! And social do you enjoy solitude for long periods and are not the full meaning extroversion. Learning to divide jobs according to our strengths children show behavior from an Early age is. Be entertained by someone all of the time great listeners, so of! Subscribe and listen to it later: Parenting is equal parts rewarding and challenging me to conversations! Existential dread, which in turns help us through both terrifying and awkward think, “ it s. Chatterbox in Southern California to listen is like having an out-of-body experience India!: Parenting is equal parts rewarding and challenging weekend watching TV, this may seem like a nightmare extroverted doesn. S always reading in her room m great with specific questions and having a different! Is common ground introvert parent extroverted child that works for both you and your introverted child in an extroverted child 1!

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