ToUpper() Converts String into Upper case based on rules of the current culture. In the c# there are a lot of predefine string functions are available. In this tutorial we will learn how to pass and use strings in functions in C programming language. Given a string and we have to print the string by passing it to the user define function in C. Here is the function that we have used in the program, void Strfun(char *ptr) Here, void is the returns type of the function i.e. All the string functions are given below. The strchr() function shall locate the first occurrence of c (converted to a char) in the string pointed to by s.The terminating null byte is considered to be part of the string. Insert() Insert the string or character in the string at the specified position. The function returns the location of the found character, or a null pointer if the character was not found. Strings can create using string-literals, which are sequences of characters with double quotation marks; for example, a string of literal “Computer Notes.” The C library offers a wide array of functions for string operations. String.ToUpper() - ToUpper function converts string to upper case. All forms are perfectly valid. In C, a string is a sequence of characters terminated by a null character (‘\0’). These may vary from one call to another. In this article, I am going to share some string functions of C# with the help of example. In .NET, a String object can include embedded null characters, which count as a part of the string's length. Thus a null-terminated string contains the characters that comprise the string followed by a null. All these handlers are present inside
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