• Facebook Breastfeeding Moms Angry over Picture Ban – Video

    December 31, 2008 2:00 pm 3 comments

    Warfare on Facebook as a group of angry moms are atwitter, riled up because Facebook says pictures that show said mothers breastfeeding their babies are immoral, indecent and inappropriate.

    One may initially feel that the thoughts of the Facebook executives in this matter are entirely appropriate, and surely we must always be wary in what we allow in media. Pornography is drugs for the mind and leads directly to hell. There are likely people who get their sick jollies from the type of pictures these moms were posting on Facebook.

    The thing to remember is that breastfeeding, while it doesn’t need to be sprawled everywhere, is good and a part of natural order. These Facebook moms should be proud that they are sitting at home and taking time to raise their children, as nature intended. It is why women were given breasts when they were created from Adam, and as such, naturally have a way with raising kids.

    I think the appropriate ruling here is to let the mothers continue to proudly show that they embrace natural order by raising their kids on breastmilk. Limit how much flesh can be shown and encourage the mothers to use censor bars so as to not show off their flesh for prying eyes.

    Creative Commons License photo credit: telethon
    If the liberals have their way, this will be the most common type of breastfeeding.

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