• 5 Florida Teen Girls Who Beat Cheerleader On Top Update

    January 28, 2009 10:25 pm 1 comment
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  • Several months ago there was a shocking story and video where five Florida area girls were caught on tape, savaging another girl with who they did not get along.

    Asked why they did it, one of the reasons purportedly given was that they wanted to post the video on internet video sharing community YouTube.com.

    While a natural reaction may be outrage toward the girls and their parents, it is important to realize that the hijacked American government shares great blame in this unfortunate circumstance.

    As you well know, the ball was dropped in 1962. Even as the ten commandments adorned their walls, the majority of Supreme Court Justices said ‘No God at all!’ and banned prayer in school.

    Now we have teen pregnancy, drug use, gun violence and other such related horrific acts. I tell you this today, good friends. These things exist in schools because of the actions of the Supreme Court. We need God in America and Christian prayer should be allowed in schools. It is a part of the true American heritage that is destined to spread through each nation and people of the Earth.

    There was a reason why things like gun violence, wanton carnality, drugs and street gangs were not an issue during times like the 40 and 50s. Back then schools were moral. The government did not have ‘acts’ coerced upon the communities and everything was as intended.

    But alas, ever since the 1960s things have grown for more dark and dismal in our schools. Now we have things like this:

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