• Ann Coulter Is A Brilliant, Handsome Woman I Wish Would Marry Me

    January 4, 2009 6:20 pm 13 comments

    Ann Coulter - Sculpted By The Hands of the Almighty

    Ann Coulter - Sculpted By The Hands of the Almighty

    With the skin like porcelain, yet so warm and supple, and mind so enlightened it could guide a ship home in the roughest tempest-tossed sea, it is shock that the angelic God-send Ann Coulter does not have long line of men begging to be hers in holy matrimony.

    A man would be lucky to have the so soft, delicate flower hands of Ann Coulter holding his when walking down aisle to get married and happily have kids together in bright Hollywood style future.

    But no! No, too many sinful men and jealous women in this country have the hearts hardened against the message and jaw-dropping beauty of Ann Coulter. They fail to appreciate the treasure of this woman.

    Since moving to Western world only 2 years ago, every day I rise early like the bright morning sun to bathe in the warm rays of Ann Coulter’s beauty. On the talk shows her words are as gentle as her face. Those who are known liberals always love to regularly attack Ann. Is it because Ann is a bad person? No, no it is not.

    Media says Ann Coulter is a racist. Others say she does not love her country. These lies and propaganda make my anger grow slowly by slowly.

    How can such a gentle creature who loves her country secretly harbor so much hate?

    The answer is that she does not hate. Ann Coulter loves God and country, and I am sure wants to start to love a man too.

    Men of today have been caught in temptation of wanting woman who is loose in values and morals, not one of character, respect and dignity like Ann Coulter. This is why so many divorces.

    While the package of sin may look shiny on the outside, it is always rotten on inside. Ann Coulter is a woman whose outer beauty matches the good-ness within. Look to her example if you need to find a good moral woman of faith in your life.

    I am still single myself, and always am looking to find perfect mate. If I ever get contact from Ann Coulter, rest assured I will think he who is above all for my rich blessings!

    In His Service,

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