• Barack Obama Terrorizes a Baby (picture)

    January 17, 2009 10:39 am 12 comments

    Being emboldened now that he’s only days away from taking office, President-elect Barack Hussein Obama has now taken to striking terror and fear into the hearts of innocent, defenseless babies.

    Warning: A harrowing image of terrorism follows:

    B. Hussein Obama cannot deceive the eyes of the pure at heart.

    B. Hussein Obama cannot deceive the eyes of the pure at heart.

    My word. My word.

    Though we’re all born with original sin, the heart of a baby is the second most pure on Earth, right after someone who is born again. This baby was naturally overcome with grief and fear when placed within proxy of Obama’s aura. The baby was not deceived and neither should you be, good friends.

    At this point some of you blessed with 20/20 vision may protest and allege that this is naught but a wax figure of Obama.  What you fail to realize is that it makes this grave story even more troubling!

    The power to embue an idol with mystic powers of casting fear and terror, much like Obama has done with this abomination he’s constructed here, is something that has not been seen since the time of Moses.

    Much as this child, your heart should be smitten with fear and panic!

    You can rest assured that Sovio-Egyptian mystics had something to do with this one.  I highly suggest you stock up on wate, canned foods and good books.  The rise of Obama is nigh.  Nigh!

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