I edited a video of Mike Mickey, Founder of the 'Praise the Lord Challenge', to appear that he took the blasphemy challenge.I also edited a video of all the people that took the 'Praise the Lord Challenge' with sheep and Jackass sounds dubbed over the last 3 people in which I called Christians sheeple.This was the response I got from Mike Mickey:"This had better be GONE - and pronto. Either that or my attorneys will be in touch. You don't want that."I also received this message from the Righteous Responders (a cheap Christian knock-off of the Rational Responders):"Take it down or face suit!"I know enough about the law to know I'm screwed if I don't comply, so I took the two videos down.(I'm no coward, but I'm no idiot either.)These cowards hide behind Lawyers and threats of litigation at a little bit of harmless satire.They may have the law on their side, but they sure don't have much else.They are cowards; Plain and simple.[Song: 'Time to Waste' by Alkaline Trio]
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  • Christian cowards that hide behind Lawyers

    January 14, 2009 7:55 pm Comments Off
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