• Comrade Obama Closes Guantanamo Bay Prison

    January 22, 2009 11:42 pm 7 comments
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  • Only a few days into office and Barack Obama is already forwarding the vast Liberal Conspiracy, this time signing an executive order WHICH WILL SHUT DOWN GUANTANAMO BAY.

    As you know, Guantanamo Bay is a nice facility where American diplomats engage in polite discussions with potential terrorists and informants from the A-rab regions.

    We’ve been able to catch literally millions of terrorists through these nice chats between America and Arabs at Guantanamo, and now for some reason Obama wants to stop this process.

    It’s an outrage. He’s blatantly selling our country out to the interest of the Orient. My heart truly worries about the security and future of our nation. Without Gitmo, we’re destined to have all sorts of evil creep into our country. Terrorists are now emboldened because of these actions, and the liberals who cheated to get Obama into office are to blame.

    Here’s to remembering the wise, sage leadership of Bush and Cheney, and hoping we can make it through the next four years without having the American flag replaced by the conquering armies of Iran.

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