• Consumer Warning – FDA Peanut Recall

    January 29, 2009 9:44 am 1 comment
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  • The right amount of peanut butter
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    Last week we learned that the Peanut Cooperation of America had to recall their typically delicious peanuts, as they were infested with agents of biological harm such as Salmonella. The dangerous peanuts are from their Blakeley, Georgia, plant but the PCA has now recalled all their peanuts through the Food and Drug administration. The FDA peanut recall is one of the largest in history.

    Now while this is speculation, it’s well known that illegals tend to try and sneak into America and work jobs such as field labor. Last year’s spinach sickness outbreak was likely tied to a mutated version of Montezuma’s revenge, brought here on the boots of illegal immigrants who greedily take jobs that could go to hard-working Americans.

    Good consumers, the reason why you’re getting so sick from all of our food is because we have not secured our border with Mexico. Even though the fine people of Georgia tend to be proper and not take very kindly to those who would steal American jobs, they cannot combat a stream of literally millions of illegals who employ all sorts of tricks to get work in our food production facilities.

    It’s well known that Salmonella is a bacteria that’s common among non-Americans, and now all of our peanut butter is ruined for the time being. How many times a week does your child enjoy having a peanut butter sandwich or peanut butter cookies. Little Debbie Bars?

    Did you pack you kid up a peanut butter sandwich for lunch today?

    Imagine your horror if you found out your kid has been stricken with a case of Salmonella, because you did not combat illegal immigrants. How could a parent live with him or herself with such guilt.

    So if you have peanut butter, make sure it’s not the life threatening type. If you have any decency and don’t want your kid to die of bacterial infection, make sure to tell your state politicians to stand strong against illegal immigration. Until we do, our food will only continue to become more dangerous to eat.

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