• Crazed Indian Hindu Pagans Are Marrying Their Children to Animals (frogs and dogs)!

    January 29, 2009 8:21 pm Comments Off
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  • As a child you may remember fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast as well as The Frog Prince. Even though these stories involve elements of witchcraft and magics, it is well understood to more astute children of our culture that the moral of these stories is that true beauty is on the inside.

    The key thing to understand, however, is that these stories are make believe. Nowhere in real life is it moral or right for marriage to happen outside of a consenting male land owner and a loyal woman who wants nothing more than to birth many children to her husband.

    Sadly, it seems the Indians (the Hindu carpet magic ones, not the war-feather ones who wrecked havoc on the Oregon Trail) did not get the memo. Friends, these people are marrying their children off to frogs and dogs. It’s sad and sick.

    Our foreign missionary correspondent, the honorable right Reverend Hawkins first alerted us to this story after he read an article in The Telegraph. You can read the full story here, and in it you’ll find that two Indian girls were forced to marry frogs, yes frogs, so that they may have a chance for the riches of a prince. Crazy to those of clear mind, but apparently not for these pagans who believe one of their false gods (Shiva) used to be a frog. The story reads in part:

    Vigneswari and Masiakanni wore traditional Indian bridal saris and gold jewellery in a lavish double wedding in their remote village home in Tamil Nadu.

    The marriages were conducted as part of a centuries-old “Pongal” harvest tradition to “prevent the outbreak of mysterious diseases in the village”.

    Hundreds of villages in Pallipudpet, 250 kms from Madras, walked to the temple, carrying the two brides aloft on their shoulders, while the frogs were tied to long sticks garlanded with flowers. During the ceremony, a Hindu priest chanted prayers, tied the bride’s hands with his on behalf of the grooms and pronounced them frogs and wives before a holy fire.

    The ceremony has its roots in the story of the Hindu God Shiva who turned himself into a frog following a quarrel with his wife Parvati. She cried for days causing disease to spread throughout local villages. When the villages asked for help she sent them to find Shiva and plead with him to marry a young girl. She herself posed as the girl, and when Shiva agreed to marry her they returned to their original god forms and the outbreak was cured.

    “The criteria to choose the brides is they should be yet to attain puberty. The parents of girls voluntarily provide their children for the ritual. Sometimes the girls are forced by parents, who get a sense of fulfilment to save the village from diseases. The main cause is illiteracy and lack of exposure,” said Tamil commentator Dominic Bosco.

    Now if that was not enough, today the Reuters network found another shocking story where an Indian family forced their kid to marry a dog. They did this as they thought the marriage would somehow ward off evil spirits.

    My mouth is agape and I’m truly shocked, awed and disgusted here.

    People, this is the exact reason why we must endure to ensure that these people are shown the light. We are to be lighthouses for the lost cultures of Earth. Though they are naive, they still have potential to be good if they are shown the Light. Really, how can we sleep at night knowing that children are being forced to marry frogs and dogs, just because their parents don’t know any better.

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