• Curing Those Infected With The Atheism

    January 24, 2009 2:05 am 31 comments
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  • Dear friends, as we enter into one of the darkest moments in American history with B. Hussein Obama having hijacked a once noble presidency from the sage George W. Bush, it’s at this point that we must stay the most fervent and resolute in our fight against the liberal agenda.

    The Antichrist Pictures, Images and PhotosAs seen today, the spirit of atheism courses strongly through the mind and deranged spirit of Obama. He has set his heart upon murdering innocent babies, pledging to endorse stabbing them in the head and sucking their brains-out styled abortion.

    He’s compromised our great land to threat of Islam Muslim terror of Persia and the Arabias, promising to close down our freedom centers like Gitmo where inspired volunteers from Arabia could feel safe speaking to us about potential dangers from their people. Obama endorses gays and socialism, which promotes slothful behavior.  He has emboldened the likes of Ahmadinejad and all but forsaken the noble spirit of capitalism, the very same economic spirit Bush was in the process of rebuilding before being taken from office by a very fickle, backslidden public.

    These are naught but a few of the true marks of a demonic atheists. Naturally, people who do not believe in our savior have hearts drunk in the wine of sin, minds shrouded by the darkness of iniquity and eyes blinded to the truth by the hands of Satan himself.

    It’s the words of one of our youth, however, that must ring clarion in your mind in such troubling times. Truly, it’s this that we must remember.

    Ordinarily, atheists can be readily dismissed and dealt with in usual manner. At their core, they are a superstitious, cowardly lot who claim their belief in ‘science’ gives them confidence. The truth is these people are scared of the unknown and have drafted a system to make them feel as if they have mastery over the known.

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