• Exposing The Lies of Evolution – Natural Selection vs. God’s Creation

    January 5, 2009 8:27 am 231 comments

    One of the most breathtaking aspects of life on Earth is the wonderful diversity we see within the flora and fauna of our biosphere that was crafted by the hands of God in six days.

    Now those who do not subscribe to Creationism scoff at the idea of a universal creator, a creator who defies the uncertainties of Heisenberg in knowing the ins, outs and wheres of everything thing that exists and does not exist.

    These faithless people will try to corrupt your spirit into believing the Earth is billions of years old and that the miracles of life you see around you were not by divine design!

    I’m here to tell you today that these people are so very wrong. In the minds of an evolutionist, the Earth must be billions of years old since in that time molecules could ‘magically’ arrange themselves to form humans and lesser animals. This satanically inspired deception is the reason of making the preposterous notion that Theory of Evolution insists that the Earth must be billions of years old.

    Evolutionists necessarily cannot believe the Earth is what it is, and that is 6,000 – 10,000 years old!

    It is at this point that those who claim to be true scientists will jump and cite carbon-dating as not only disproof of a divine creation, but of God himself!

    I remind you today, good friends, that the Bible says that in the beginning, the Earth and the heavens were without form and void. This indicates the universe existed in a form of chaos. How long did it exist in such a way? Only God knows, and no scientist on Earth can say with 100% confidence the age of the universe, but they can estimate on arbitrary means.   Arbitrary guessing is not exact and therefore not relevant by their own standards.

    What we do know is that life on Earth has existed for only 6,000 – 10,000 years. The basic units of life were created directly by the hands of God, given impetus to progress with the breath of life.

    It is through the DNA created by God, which can mix and respond to environmental pressures in both changes that can be witnessed by genotype and therefore phenotype, that we see traits mix and ‘evolve’.

    Evolution does not occur in the way some secular geneticists or theorists try to make you believe. Man has always been man. Monkey has always been monkey. And although an animal’s genome can allow for plasticity, speciation is at best a rare event in which a lesser animal, fungi, bacteria, plant or clump of inorganic molecules WILL NOT magically transform into a man. Not in a billion years.

    Random Mutation + Time ≠ Evolution.

    Consider the claim of Evolution 101.  The claim is that all life started from a *big bang, that randomly resulted in a dusty ball of inorganic molecules (Earth) and the rest of our star system falling into place.

    Yes, quite naive, but bear with me as to give the Theory of Evolution a fair and accurate explanation to you.  Somehow and for some reason, the molecules on one of the planets suddenly started jumping together to form a single celled organism.  Life from nothing!  How?  Why?  What’s the purpose of life?

    An evolutionist will have no answer for the jump of inorganic molecule, besides claiming a ‘stew’ of molecules randomly mixing together until life came from it.  As a child, you may have seen a cartoon where Mickey Mouse mixed a cauldron of random ingredients and magically brooms and books came to life, flying around.  Such is this evolution.  Magic.

    So eventually, we have our Evolution Stew cooking and out pops a single cell organism.  From this one cell all life on Earth today is supposed to have taken origin and risen to what we see around us.

    How can such complex life as we see today arise from a basic cell.  Are we to believe that the first cell of life on Earth, with its limited genetic information, produced DNA that can code for something as complex as the human brain?

    Mutations cannot product such drastically new genetic information, so evolutionists again hide behind the ‘billions of years and stew mixing’ deception.

    The truth is that things like sickle-cell anemia, bacteria developing resistance to medications and speciation are not events which can disprove the God of Creation.  Creationist know and understand natural selection works within the DNA of all life created originally by God.

    Since the time of the great flood, all life allowed to continue to thrive continued to pass on its genetic information. DNA that is passed on does respond to environmental pressures.  It can be limited in scope by a founder event.

    The one simple truth is that VARIATION drives genetic progress, not an arbitrary process that leads to every animal evolving into mystical entities as seen in sci-fi movies.  We do not all derive from a one cell common ancestor, but all have our unique creative lines as dictated by God.

    Scientists cannot prove otherwise and you can read the facts of creation in the Bible, of which the only proof you need is the irrefutable faith of your heart.

    * Evolutionists ClaimAll life’s origin is attributed to a Big Bang that resulted because…nothing existed.  Realizing the preposterous concept, some evolutionists have tried to invoke a theory that says the universe has always been in a state of expanding/contracting (producing a Big Bang on each new contraction).  The best evolutionists will never be able to answer the question of who created the universe until they accept The Alpha and Omega.

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