• Feminism Is Destroying Society

    January 3, 2009 4:42 am 61 comments
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    My name is Joe P. Reagan and one question is on my mind today. Why do feminists hate freedom?

    For far too long, men, and the moral fabric of Western society, have been on the receiving end of a very long societal shaft. The metal of this shaft was first welded by none other than the successors of Susan B. Anthony. It has continually been shined up and adorned with spikes in the smeltering rooms of every anti-man rally.

    You see, friend, the fact is this. There should be relative equal rights between man and woman. Not many will argue against such an adage. But when you give woman an inch, she will take a mile. She will take so many miles, however, that she’ll naturally get lost and out of her place.

    And that’s where we are today. A society with women far out of place and men left behind, trodden down and out of sight. The women who have been using the phrasing “equal rights” as a green light to gain ground on men have now caused effects that are destroying society itself.

    Some of you may argue that women have fallen far out of step with their God given roles of cooking a proper dinner and tucking Junior into bed. It seems historical trends do tend to agree.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBack in the 1950s, women cooked dinner for their families. They would take time to wear starched aprons, buy fresh food from the market, and make sure a well-balanced dinner was awaiting their family by 5pm, as nature intended.

    During those times, families were fit and appreciated nutrition. Girls were comfortable with their bodies, there was no reason to have a McDonald’s on every corner. Obesity wasn’t an issue because women were performing their natural duties.

    Contrast such things with the travesty of today’s society. On every playground you see hoardes of kids, cheeto stained hands, clamoring about with no mother in sight. The food court of every mall is filled, people snarfing down their daily Taco Bell for dinner. Meanwhile in home across our society, kitchens are empty.

    I wish I could say this was the worst of our problems, but it’s not the case. Today we have issues such as high divorce rates, broken families and school violence. Jack Thompson wants to blame it on video games. Grace says it’s our lack of good role models.

    I’ll tell you the real answer. It’s the rampant irresponsibility of the women who want to put career, and their desire to top men, above properly raising a kid and nurturing their families.

    TV is not the solution to raising your kids. It is not meant as a baby-sitter. TV dinners and take-out aren’t instructing your children on how to eat healthy. Your grandmother in-law would be ashamed.

    Much as the women of today who were improperly raised in 60-70s, children are being taught that TV life is real, men are naturally pigs and fast food makes a healthy diet. The cycle is in the process of repeating itself, hence all the problems with today’s “youth” being reported in the media. Over-aggressive feminism that encourages bad parenting and desolation of family is the root of societal downfall.

    So I speak to every career woman and instigator goose-stepper without family when I say this; stop destroying society. Every once in a while, making a nice, warm dinner and tucking the kids in can go a very long way.

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