• Holy Top 7 – Godless Foreign Japanese Television Game Shows and Indecent Acts

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    Dapper young defender of truth educates the Masses

    It’s a well known fact that due to their pagan ways and heathen rituals, the lesser cultures of foreigners are typically maligned and the source for much suffering on our Earth.

    With everything from cannibalism to dancing naked under the moon, it’s not uncommon to encounter entire civilizations who’ve lost any semblance of decency, humanity, or morality when doing missionary work, particularly in the Africas, Asia and East Europe.

    Today’s focus will be upon the Japanese culture of Asia. I encourage you, dear friends, to harden your faith as you prepare to watch these following videos and pieces of graphic information. Seeing these…sickening…examples of what can happen when an entire people are without Christian morals will break your heart.

    The Japanese are a people who worship the likes of Buddha, Confucius and Mao, taking time to face East pray to these false gods five times a day. Naturally, they receive no food for the spirit by these acts.

    The people of Japan need much prayer and support. Let us now take a look a 7 proofs of why Japan needs our help.

    #7 -5

    7. Japanese Television Indecency – Bikini Girl Slip N’ Slide

    This immoral game show plays upon the carnal lust. Lubing up young Japanese women in oil, an old man is ‘challenged’ to slide over the top of their bodies. This is just blasphemous and has no place in our world. Why would people want to partake in such things?

    6. Japanese Television Indecency – Hentai, Anime, Manga and Yaoi Being a prostitute of The Enemy, the Japanese culture is allying with liberals in your country to engage in spiritual warfare against your children. Yes, parents, you should be very scared and afraid of what the Japanese culture is trying to instill in the minds of your children.

    Immoral Anime Tentacles

    There is a new form of cartoons called Anime. Anime is roughly translated to and means ‘pornography‘ in English.

    There are several different variations of this Japanese Pornography, or anime, that network television is trying to push off onto your children.

    Hentai Anime – This version of Japanese pornography is the absolute worst. Hentai anime literally means ‘the pornography of tentacles’ and describes a version of Japanese debauchery where seemingly young characters are assaulted by huge octopi or squid in very inappropriate manner. We will spare the details, but you can surely get the gist.

    This type of animated Japanese porn also features characters whose eyes appear very big and glossy, clearly advocating rampant drug use and the spirit of prostitution. If you catch your children watching any of this anime pornography on cable television, WHICH IT SHOWS ON MAJOR CHANNELS DURING AFTERNOON HOURS, immediately pray for them, toss out the tv and explain to them the dangers of such material.

    Yaoi Anime – I know I said that the Hentai Anime was the worst trick Japanese and the liberal media are trying to sneak into our homes, but Yaoi Anime is even worse! Are you ready to know what this is? You already know what anime means now, and I hate to tell you this but Yaoi means The Gay Agenda.

    Dear friends, the Japanese people and liberal media networks have conspired to show The Gay Agenda Japanese Pornography to our children, right when they get home after school and you’re busy getting home from work.

    5. Japanese Television Indecency – Potty Training Video Vulgarity and Weirdness The next archive from the spiritually impoverished Japanese culture is media aimed at toilet training their young. It’s heartbreaking.

    In addition to teaching their kids that it is ok to curse, they promote the idea of magical toilets and a scene that’s just entirely uncomfortable. Take a look:

    Partial Lyrics to the Magical Poo Potty Song
    ♪♪ Wee wee, come out come out
    P*ssss, P*ssss,
    P*ssss, P*ssss,
    p*ss, p*ss, wee, wee ♪♪

    And it only gets worse from there. My word, just imagine the songs these children of this generation will come up with for their kids. Continue to #4 – #1

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