• Holy Top 7 – Godless Foreign Japanese Television Game Shows and Indecent Acts

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    4. Japanese Reality Television – Hard Gay Pushing Gay to Be Cultural Norm

    Reality TV is something that’s bad enough in an America that has crumbling morals due to the growth of liberal thinking and things like removing prayer from public schools back in 1962. So you can only imagine the horrors of reality tv in Japan.

    One of the most shocking examples I encountered during my mission work in Japan was from a man who I’ve found is known as Hard Gay. One day after ministering to locals about how their ways are backward, I went to a shop to partake in tea and do some reflection.

    Suddenly, and without warning, senseless chaos broke out!  As I turned to the doorway, a man with an impish look beset in his eyes had a pierced stare set upon me.    He quickly ran up to where I was sitting, ‘dry humped’ my chair and side and quickly ran away as fast as he appeared, his camera crew in toe.   Suffice to say shocked and bewildered, I frantically sought to find out what just happened to me.

    It was not until much later I found I was accosted by the man and tv program in the following video…Hard Gay.   It promotes the liberal homosexual lifestyle in Japan through the emotion of laughter, which breeds comfort and eventual compromise of morals.

    3. Japanese Television Indecency – Teaching Japense Girls New Phrases

    Left wingers in Japan are busy working, trying to teach Japanese girls that all American business men, missionaries or students who are visiting expect promiscuity and naughty Japanese school girls.   And will pay anything to get just that.    These language learning videos perpetuate that stereotype that that is entirely not true.   There is just not much to say here, the videos speak for themselves in a truly deplorable manner.

    Video 1 – Teaching Innocent Japanese Women to Promote Immoral Oral Relations

    Video 2 – Teaching Helplessly Naive Japanese Women That American Men Fantasize About Getting Seduced by Asian Women

    Video 3 – Teaching Japanese Women to Encourage The Act of Premarital Relations

    2. Japanese Television Indecency – Breastfeeding, Showing Nipples and Patricide

    Japanese television commercials are just as hard pressing and disastrous as everything else we have bore witness to today.    In between shows on tv in Japan, you never know what sort of imagery will attack your eyes and senses.

    Now I must warn you that this following video is graphic and does contain very gross nudity.   Much like documentaries on the lesser cultures of Africa, however, it is showing what is norm for a very lost culture who needs the good teachings brought to them.   So in that sense, I do feel it is ok to share this with you.    The backstory to this video is that a family is enjoying their new baby, which is fine.   A standard nuclear family, with a hardworking father and nurturing mother is the foundation of society and civilization.    This commercial quickly loses any moral bearing when the mother bares her breast, the former ‘younger’ child becomes enraged at his new sibling’s attention getting ways and enacts a murderous plot that involves glue and other inappropriate feats.

    Shocking. Simply shocking.

    1. Japanese Indecency – The Hadaka Matsuri Naked Man Festival

    With the exception of yaoi anime and Hard Gay randomly humping you in tea shops, you may be lead to believe that Japan may not be a place that promotes the liberally pushed Gay Agenda.   That could not be further from the truth.

    In a little town named Saidaiji in Japan, there is an annual and highly reveled festival called Hadaka Matsuri, the Naked Man Festival.   This is one of the most blatantly gay annual events in Earth’s history.   This is worse than having the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah addicted to the crack drugs like our little gloss-eyed anime friends above.

    This festival starts off in winter months, and encourages men to arrive wearing naught but loin cloths. They are doused with oil and water through the day as they gather in the village area.

    Grown men frolicking together in oil and water is not natural

    After their frolicking in oil and water finally completes, it’s time for part two of the ritual.   For this part…some men are rumored remove their loincloths.   I know.

    Two sticks are thrown into the massive crowds of thousands if not millions of men. Ancient pagan tradition of Hadaka Matsuri says the men who find the sticks will get one years of perfect luck.    So the men wrestle, frolic, grapple and no telling what else until two find the sticks of destiny.   I wish I could say this was all made up, but here’s your proof and it’s a proud event in their culture at that.

    Without a moral compass, Japanese men annually frolic with each other in ‘search for magic sticks’.

    Where It All Leads

    As people of the faith, you understand that pornography and other such immoral graphic acts in media ruin your perception of reality. This is manifested by individuals losing ability to function in society, including relationships.

    Take a look at this Japanese man in the following video. Like millions of other men in Japan, he grew up watching Anime, immoral game shows and hearing lewd potty songs and no he is married to Japanese sex dolls because his mind is without Christian morals. Let us look:

    This is the fate of those who watch anime porn and other imagery. Make sure to protect your children from it. Let’s make sure to protect our culture from it. And if you ever find it in your heart, help others go to Japan on mission trips to deliver these poor people from their own demise. Until next time, dear friends, be strong and much love.

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