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    January 4, 2009 12:30 am 14 comments
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  • Today I received a very urgent message from good steward of the faith the “Runnin’ Reveran’” Reverend TJ Hawkins who’s currently on assignment in the Midwest. He alerted me to a very disturbing den of debauchery which you may find at High-street.org.

    Perusing their kingdom, dear readers, is akin to hopping a DeLorean and witnessing the children of Israel in a full out orgy of unbridled fun when they should have instead been worshipping their saviour for taking them out of bondage and into the promised land.

    Upon happening upon the front page of this site, I was immediately blinded by graven images such as this.

    High-Streeters Caught Worshipping Graven Images

    High-Streeters Caught Worshipping Graven Images

    Our more learned readers will instantly recognize this bull as a derivative of the golden calf, which takes its origin in hedonistic Ba’al worship that the liberal left would naturally embrace.

    I truly wish this was the only offence my faith and heart had to endure today, but another message on this internet High-Street website took aim at a strong young woman of the faith.

    This day and age it’s all too common to see people who are infected with the spirit of Atheism. It’s this rampantly running spirit that’s directly responsible for terribly sad tragedies like increased divorce rate, nearly having gay marriage passed in California and all the current economic turmoil.

    Let us take a look at this young woman’s touching experience in the faith:

    Knowing this, the young lady in the following video knew she had to lay her hands really hard to pray all the atheist infection out of the person to whom she was bearing witness. Her account is very heart-warming, yet the liberal masses of High-Street do not see it that way.

    Dear readers, let this video be a reminder to all of you that in the face of adversity and sinners, you must remain resolute. The liberals are all naturally atheists who want to destroy America’s godly heritage and duty to spread peace, prosperity and love worldwide, much like President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iraq.

    If you do not support terrorists having nuclear arms as to bring impedance to the spread of peace, prosperity and love –some of our cardinal values– you should then know that your heart must naturally be set to fight the infectious spread of atheism.

    Those who do not take heed and refuse to combat atheism may just have a fiery future, an eternal one. To members of High-Street.org and other terror-supporting worshippers of Ba’aal, I truly encourage your hearts to become students of the true faith.

    The alternative is a permanent cure for atheism, one that not even any water wielded by the hands of the most able men can whet.

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