• If You Use Celcius Over Fahrenheit, You’re a No Good Communist

    January 3, 2009 4:10 am 6 comments
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  • Commies Are Not Cool

    Commies Are Not Cool

    Of late I’ve noticed a disturbing new trend among a certain segment of our society, specifically a group of people who look down on things that are traditionally intertwined with American culture. I’m sure many of you have come across this as well.

    Last year you may recall the war against the words “Merry Christmas”, where atheists were literally trying to take the Christ out of Christmas. Young, innocent children in California were being oppressed for simply embracing the legacy of religious expression that should be naturally protected and encouraged by the nation’s Constitution.

    You’ll find crazed liberals who try to misinterpret our nation’s roots and claim the Founders were Deists at best. Do not be fooled. At the heart of this great nation, and reborn under the wise leadership of Dwight D. Eisenhower during the 1950s, is a tradition of combining conservative elements of pride in our heritage of religion and country. The two are interchangeable.

    So imagine the shock of California parents when, as in a move that would be expected from a bigoted Governor Wallace during the 60s, their kids were threatened to be removed from school if they embraced a right that should be naturally inborn to all Americans.

    I wish I could say such offenses to our heritage was only limited to a war of words during holiday times, but it most certainly is not.

    There is a sub-set of the secular liberal culture that think Americans should be forced to learn Spanish to appease illegals and feel we should trade in our Fahrenheit system for the Celsius scale employed by Europeans.

    While these issues may seem small in the long run, they are major in the long haul. Every time an atheist inclined person is allowed to attack our heritage and tradition in such a way, it affects the core values of our culture.

    If we allow these offenses to continue, soon will be gone the ability to order your food in English at restaurants, to celebrate the 4th of July and ability to go to the hardware store to pick-up 2x4s. Our culture is being stripped away and undermined by the liberal agenda, dear friends, at it’s up to you to remain resolute to ensure their attacks against our heritage do not leave us a broken, communist state.

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