• Iran Hates Peace, Wants To To Nuke Your Freedom and Children

    January 3, 2009 5:00 am 6 comments
    Moral Minute
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    Dear friends, have you ever stopped to think about how blessed we are to live in an advanced culture with a foundation built upon Christian principles?  It’s truly amazing.

    Just consider the internet.  Powered by technological wonder and mystery, it uses electrons to control the flow of information through a series of interconnected tubes to tie our lives together on a global scale, all while we sit, reading, at work or home.

    And that’s where we all sit now, together, fellow readers. Reading words of freedom through technological miracles, comfortable in our good homes and offices. Sadly, however, there is an evil who wants to rob our lives of such a basic benefit of a stable society.   It wants to destroy all our freedoms.

    As you know, there is a dark place -Iran- that yearns to destroy stability on Earth with nuclear weapons and attacking the fine but somewhat misguided people of Israel.   For those who don’t know, Iran is a ‘country’ in a land far, far away filled with sand. The great American film maker George Lucas shows a portrayal this land in Star Wars, where Tusken Raiders steal all the good from young Anakin’s heart.

    Iran President Ahmadineaha jaa daa? with WMD in hand

    It is not a good place. It has evils like horses with two humps and worshiping false idols. Now it seems this land of Tusken Raiders wants nothing more than to steal your joy and happiness. It wants to steal your heritage of a peaceful, advance and stable society.

    As you have surely seen today, Israel has been at war with Palestine, in the Gaza region, due to rocket fire Hamas claimed was due to Israel blocking their supplies.  There are reports that Iran may be sending more terrorists to aide Hamas.  Months ago Iran also defiantly attacked fishermen in open water.

    These actions of Iran are only a symbol of end time events in the middle east and aggression against the West. One day it is attacking villages and innocent fisherman , providing fish for the masses just like Jesus in the Bible, then the next thing you know they are raining nukes on our schools and our children in America.

    No morally good person wants children to be nuked. That’s a universal truth.  Iran wants nukes so they can threaten our children with the prospect of nuclear attack, much like the Soviets before Reagan and Pope John Paul II brought them down with clever planning and faith, and if you’re a good person you’ll naturally want to do anything necessary to stop Iran from aquiring nukes.   This may require military action.

    Now I understand some of you will say ‘you can’t win this thing militarily, there’s no way to deal with the aftermath of destroying their army and resultant rebellion’.   That’s where faith and knowledge of the misled human heart comes into play.

    Planting Freedom in Iran

    Iran is evil because it doesn’t have any symbols of stability. Since their land can’t naturally grow it, it’s up to us to plant it there.

    Iran is not stable because its culture and heritage is not aligned with ours, much like Japan before WW2.

    As we saw with Japan, a nation filled with Kamikazes and soldiers who attacked non-armed boats at sea as well, our moral culture and markets compelled them to embrace peace.  Japan is now one of our biggest trading partners and largely follows Western culture and morality.

    As in Japn,  signs of peace in Iran –from the Golden Arches of McDonalds to the Cross will make the nation brighter and happier– like a garden being tended by a master greenthumb.   The fruits of this garden will be rich with oil, that we’ll freely trade and use together as their children enjoy embracing Western consumerism.   This is the future Iran deserves, and why we must rain war upon the head of Iraq, Iran and surrounding nations.   We bomb and attempt to plant our moral culture in the name of freedom.

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