• Japanese Cephalerotica Tentacle Sex Perversion On the Rise

    January 30, 2009 2:43 am 48 comments
    Japanese Cephalerotica is Infesting Earth

    Japanese Cephalerotica is Infesting Earth

    Only weeks ago Pastor Jack shared an excerpt from his lecture about the rudderless Orientals and the need for more missionaries in the foreign fields of Japan and China.

    When he presented this lecture at Langley CC during missionary night, it seemed one of the most disconcerting things to the crowd or it last to me had to do with Anime. As you may know, anime and all of its perverse sub-genres (hentai, manga, yaoi) are all forms of Japanese pornography. Each one of these branches of Japanese hedonism was created to darken the heart of the masses and market a once dead and now reborn form of sex to Western culture. Unfortunately, it is working.

    This newly risen type of perversion, derivative of Hentai Anime, is being called Cephalerotica. The oft times deceptive evolutionary biological scientists at ScienceBlogs.com claim cephalerotica is derivative of ancient Japanese lore and perversions known as (these links are not moral OR work safe, but here for edification and items to add to your Be Safe Online Overide Filter) Teraoka, Hokusai and Saeki. Our Japanese culture expert tells us to think of those three items as proto-type anime. That is, behind those links are the picture form roots of Japanese pornography itself. Sadly amazing.

    Just like the precursor hentai anime, cephalerotica is the pornography of tentacles. The problem is that hentai anime has progressed from oil paintings, to cartoons and is now being acted out in real life! Pornography is always bad and is drugs for the mind, and naturally, like all porn druggies people who engage in this cephalerotica are going to get addicted and try to pass their habit on to others.

    The trend has already started.

    Last week popular image sharing site, Flickr, was inundated with a wave of these images under the tag cephalerotica.  I’ve been told that most of the images were rightfully censored and removed.

    Still my friends, realize that this truly the end goal of the liberals who sneaked anime into Western culture, and now we’re seeing only the tip of the iceberg.  Cartoon anime is starting to turn to real life applications and you should be scared.

    How long before you are prevented from eating fish and loaves of bread, because some man under the influence of Asian culture has decided to make his spouse a beast of the sea?

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