• Kathy Griffin Needs To Put Some Soap In Her Mouth

    January 2, 2009 6:17 am 3 comments
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  • Today we owe special thanks fo the very unfunny Kathy Griffin, this time for giving more proof why the FCC needs more power to regulate television. We need everything on TV to show with at least a 30 second delay to prevent things like this from happening.

    The story here is that Kathy Griffin was invited to chat about the coming New Year with purported ‘journalist’ Andersen Cooper, when all went awry as Kathy Griffin started getting heckled by bystanders. Sounding as if she was inebriated with Satan’s nectar, which she most like was in this case, a drunken Kathy Griffin went on an obscenity laced tirade.

    Since the show was live, there was no way to censor her foul words and family’s worldwide were forced to hear them, without warning. Griffin’s speech made reference to a certain depraved sexual act that a woman of the street may perform on a corner, if you get my drift. Truly horrible, and to top it off Kathy implied a man in the crowd did this for a profession, with male clientele.

    Things will only get worse from here if we do not give the FCC more power and a panel of religious leaders to help influence the FCC’s decisions on what’s moral or not. The country needs it.

    Included here is the YouTube clip of Kathy Griffin. Be warned that her words are detestable and are not suitable to be heard by children, but are a good example of why we must bring more censorship to television.

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