• Lebanon Joins Palestine In Demolishing Defenseless Israel with Rocket Barrage

    January 8, 2009 6:15 am 4 comments
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  • Heartbreak today as Israel suffers more attacks, this time at the hands of a unified assault at the hands of Lebanon and Palestine.

    Lebanese terrorists started the day by firing and raining down an almost endless barrage of rockets on defenseless towns in Northern Israel.

    These unprovoked rocket attacks ripped through many places, including a nursing home filled with sweet yet feeble grandmothers who were scared out of their wits. In total, the devastating blast affected 25 innocent elderly people who just wanted to have a peaceful morning breakfast.

    Undeterred, Lebanon made it known that they were creating a new front from which to push forward into the Gaza Strip and would strike nursing homes again if needed.

    As reported by the morally fair and biased Fox News, the nursing home’s manager had this to say:

    “The rocket entered through the roof, hurling the water heaters into the air. It went through bedrooms upstairs and then into the kitchen. There was a serious blast,” said Henry Carmelli, the home’s manager.

    Since this horrid conflict broke out between Hezbollah and the chosen people in 2006, there has been much in the senseless way of bloodshed and violence. The recent estimates of death between the recent fighting between Hamas, Israel and now Lebanon totals 700.

    No matter faith or creed, all life is precious and this horrid conflict needs to come to an end now.

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