• Liberal Bloggers Already Complaining About Rick Warren

    January 2, 2009 7:07 am 3 comments
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  • As predicted only days ago, the dangerous coalition of liberal bloggers are already doing their best to deride and complain about Rick Warren giving the prayer at B. Hussein Obama’s inauguration for the office of US President.

    Needless to say, we’re going to need much prayer to get through four years of an Obama presidency. In addition to already trying to make amends with terrorists who much like a troubled teen are in desperate need of strong guidance, we know Mr. Obama also advocates killing babies and promoting the gay agenda. Thus, it came as a shock to the left wing and moral right when he chose Rick Warren, a noted man of commendable morality, for his prayer.

    Logic would dictate Obama’s selection of Warren is purely political or some sort of devious machinations, but there’s also the chance –ever so slight– that some part of Obama’s seemingly atheist heart knows he’ll need divine guidance to get through his 4 years in office.

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    Liberals failing to realize that Obama literally wants your change, so he can freely give it to those who hate to work and be productive.

    Naturally, the short-sighted left do not see at that way. Instead, they are flaming mad that their agenda to undermine the nation’s values and conservative roots may not be so easily met, and are spreading propaganda this week to undermine things like Prop 8 and Obama’s selection. The truth here is that the left is starting to realize that Obama is politically savvy, and as such, will routinely try to make amends to the right with token things like letting Rick Warren give inaugural speeches.

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