• Looney Liberals Complaining about TeamSarah.org

    January 13, 2009 11:46 pm Comments Off
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  • Even though Sarah Palin messed up John McCain’s presidency chance due to a few personal faults, like the good women who built up TeamSarah.org everyone naturally realizes we’ll need a strong, brilliant conservative like herself to lead the nation after Obama tries to turn us into a secular communist state, much like 80s Russia.

    As history has taught us, such empires always surely fall. And just as President Reagan and Pope John Paul II stood victorious over a fallen Kremlin, Sarah Palin will stand victorious when she runs in 2012.

    This fact has the liberals running scared and this time AoE member is spreading smoke and mirror tricks about the ethics of TeamSarah as a diversionary tactic.

    They are implying that TeamSarah and friends may be a bit bigoted and encouraging fine Right sites to engage in such childish acts as Watermelon Rolls and calling B. Hussein Obama less than favorable names. That surely is not the case.

    It’s important to realize that The GOP has always been at the forefront of leading this nation in progress. And progress is what we’ll have when Sarah Palin leads the nation in 2012.

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