• MORAL ALERT – New Sneeze Pornography Attempting To Corrupt Men

    January 27, 2009 2:49 pm 3 comments
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  • Good friends, as we endure the dark reign of Comrade B. Hussein Obama, we knew all sorts of new evils would be borne unto our world. Every day upon looking at the noble and pious website DrudgeReport, the birth of new evils is always confirmed.

    Just today Barack Obama’s close brother and lifelong friend, Iranian President and chief terrorist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was emboldened enough to declare he’ll have nukes before 2009 is over. I’m sure Obama heralded his praises and demanded unborn baby children to be sacrificed in light of this news.

    While such news and other great headlines you’ll find on DrudgeReport will properly strike fear into your heart, which should inspire you to vote GOP in 2012, do not be lulled into thinking the dark machinations of Obama are only of international scope.

    The strength of a nation starts in the home of your nuclear family. Husband, wife and kids. Maybe a puppy or two. Obama understands this fact and his agents are creating new forms of temptation to destroy the root of every proper society; the family of conservative morality.

    The newest tool Obama has employed is called Sneeze Pornography. Friends, the Council on Coercing Decency (CCD) here in Langley is shocked by this new form of filth and the subtlety in which it was introduce to the world culture.

    I charge you to inform your respective fellowships about what you’ll soon witness. As always, much as when nature shows show nudity of females from the lesser cultures so we can learn about their pagan ways, these examples are included for your edification and knowledge. If you’re not one who is strong of faith or has faltered in the past, let not your eyes fall upon the following outrageous, disgusting and lewd YouTube evidence.


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