A satirical look at Judeo-Islam-Christianity, Scientology®, and other religious/corporate cults that rely on various forms of mind control - and the influence of these cults on contemporary thought, modern politics, current events, and the public perception of these events.These control-cults all have different outer beliefs(to some extent), but at the core they are identical: Primarily, they all seek to impose and imprint their own reality upon the victim, with little to no room for processing/questioning/interpretation allowed. This can be incredibly harmful if the victim is younger, needy, or psychologically unstable. These cults all require complete obedience, they all surround their followers in a specific "bubble of delusion", they all threaten ultimate punishment for leaving the cult(usually some form of hell), they all claim to be the only path to salvation, and they all believe(in some form or another) that those outside of the cult must either be killed or "saved" (meaning indoctrinated into the cult and enveloped by the cult's bubble of delusion). The final goal of these cults, regardless of their forms of worship, is to ultimately indoctrinate every possible human and eliminate the influence of the other "bubbles of delusion" operated by competing cults.The Good vs. Evil mentality is common among Judeo-Islam-Christian cults, as well as more modern corporate spinoffs, such as Scientology®. Typically cults will demonize outsiders and instill members with a "black and white" "Us vs Them" mentality, an arbitrary moral system that has no basis in observable reality, and little to no philosophical value.Music by DISSECTION, from their final album REINKAOS (Chaosophia and God of Forbidden Light)Video by STEVECO: "Our Jesus is Bigger than Yours"®
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  • My Jesus is Bigger: Religion, Mind Control, and Politics

    January 14, 2009 7:53 pm Comments Off
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