• Obama Stimulus Package Gets Passed By House!

    January 29, 2009 12:05 am Comments Off
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  • Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia
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    Mercy me, America is now officially down the path of Socialism, which naturally leads to all sorts of trouble.

    Today, despite the best efforts of a fractured GOP, new United States President Obama managed to sway the minds of House Democrats to accept his gigantic economic stimulus package. The measure passed by a margin of he 244-188.

    With every single Republican in the House of Representatives refusing to accept the package, Obama still managed to pass his $819 billion recovery plan on the power of the liberal Democrat votes.

    A plan for two years, this economic package will focus on opening new ways for the government to spend money. You can bet some money will be funneled away to help terror nations and increase the amount of abortions in the US.

    Now while Obama will try to convince you this economic recovery package is good, do not be deceived. He’ll tell you this package will create 3 million new jobs. That’s farce.

    What it will do is further cripple the US economy while giving the last of our money to terror enablers, baby killers and all the other immoral liberals. After they are finish selling out our great nation, their goal will be to have enough money left over to fly the Russian Soviet flag high over Washington, DC.

    For everyone who did not vote for McCain, you had better hope we can survive this economic turmoil –a turmoil that was nearly cured by President Bush in 2012– until we can pick a new leader in 2012.

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