• Parents Beware of Pixie Hollow at pixiehollow.com

    January 1, 2009 2:20 pm 9 comments
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  • Disney is still encouraging parents and children to believe in magic and fairies with the announcement of pixiehollow.com, the site of Pixie Hollow.

    TIPOYOCK LIFE PICTURE Tinkerbell PETER PANThe site is set as a compliment to Disney’s Fairy Charms Starter set, where young girls get an interactive ‘magical’ jewelry box that comes with a necklace, three charms (my word) and invites girls to go to an online site to magically created Tinkerbell and friends, then engage in fairy games.

    Once the children plug their jewelry box into the computer, via USB cord, it magically lights up (shooting beams of light every which way) and plays all sorts of music. Product reviews say this game can be ‘hypnotizing’.

    Disney for some reason, despite their maintaining the fact that they support the traditional family, seems to be quite anti-family. Whatever happened to getting your daughters a nice doll and easy-bake oven?

    Those are proper toys for young girls, not magical fairy adventure games that promote dangerous ideas. The game will give your children the idea that life can be created magically, much as the theory of evolution claims. It also does nothing to really teach them valuable skills, like traditional toys tend to do.
    Creative Commons License photo credit: tipoyock

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