• Saudi Cleric Places Fatwa on Mickey Mouse

    January 11, 2009 7:11 pm 4 comments
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    Creative Commons License photo credit: fujikinoko In American culture, one of the most beloved icons and examples of innocence is that of Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse has traditionally represented family, wholesome unity and morality –and as such– is always under attack, what with Godless liberals trying to undermine his and Disney’s ethics with their society-destroying agenda.

    So as no surprise a Saudi Muslim executive leader has allegedly placed an official Fatwa on Mickey Mouse. Fatwa means he literally wants “to wipe off the face of the Earth” the happiness Mickey Mouse and Disneyland, forever.

    Let us take a look:

    The London Telegraph reported that the cleric, Sheik Muhammad Munajid, declared that any mouse, and therefore by proxy Mickey Mouse, to be “one of Satan’s soldiers” and “an agent of Satan” that makes everything it touches impure. Therefore, it stands to reason, that cartoons or organizations (like Disney) depicting a mouse as a lovable cartoon are blasphemous and must be not only ignored, but destroyed.

    Reports and translations indicate the cleric went on to say that under Islamic Sharia law, both household mice and cartoon mice must be killed.

    Death to Mickey Mouse?

    Now to me, Mickey Mouse is a character who has had a solid tradition in family and good since its inception, aside from the vile cartoon Fantasia which encouraged kids to embrace magic (read false sciences like evolution) and not faith.

    Through it all, however, characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and others have warmed the hearts of parents and children alike now for generations. For the most part, aside from Fantasia and Disney helping the gay agenda, the characters have been good.

    Considering the Sheik’s points about mice in Arab culture, I found the fact that Hamas TV used Mickey Mouse (renamed Farfour mouse) as a tool for propaganda and a martyr.

    As reported by the source of this video, “Farfour has been used to promote a radical Islamic supremacist agenda, and to ferment Jihadist sentiments in Palestinian children.”

    In 2007, the show came to an end when an ‘evil’ Israeli official showed up and wanted to buy Farfour’s land. Not pleased by Farfour wanting to keep his land, the actor playing the Zionist ‘murdered’ Farfour on air but not before Farfour called him a ‘terrorist’ in defiance.

    Yes, this actually happened.

    This is supposed to be a kid’s show! When I think of values and good shows for children, I think of Veggie Tales and Adventures in Oddessy. Mixing extreme political agenda in such things, especially for kids, is not moral or right!

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