• Science Has Invented an Artificially Intelligent Real Touch Robot Vagina

    January 13, 2009 10:49 am 44 comments

    The Item: RealTouch Cyberdildonic Device

    Science has finally done the unthinkable and created the prototype for the unimaginable act of robot sex.  Yes, friends, the natural end result of allowing the homogay agenda and beyond is finally reaching its natural progression; human beings ‘procreating’ with machines.

    This abomination to life is called the ‘Sasha Grey’ or something along those lines. According to its creators (RealTouch), this technological monstrosity is technically called a cyberdildonics device.

    Yes, these people are totally making up new words and technobabble for the new deviant perversion.

    How Does it Work?

    When a person commits fornication by watching a pornographic movie, this device will be rigged in such a way that it mimics the exact movements of the pornographic actress in the movie. The inside of the device is made to simulate the touch and feel of a real live woman, and is nothing short of making a mockery of life.

    The true throes of ecstasy shared by a man and woman, women being patently unique in their rhythmic, involuntary muscle contractions that should only be shared with one other, should be found only in the sanctity of marriage between one man, one woman. This device shoots that all out the water, as the expression goes.

    For the price of $150, the makers of this device will allow people to get 1) immoral movies 2) fluids 3) the product.

    Do not be surprised if crazed liberals eventually try to demand a man and his cyberdildonic device have the right to marry. It’s the course of ‘social evolution’ of where this secular society is headed if we don’t stop this type of weird scientific demon-ry from reaching the shelves of fine stores such as Wal-mart.

    Product Rating:

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    As one could imagine, little to no good can come from such a device. Some false people of morality may claim this device may stop pre-marital relations, but as always abstinence is the proven best policy.

    Bad Factor
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    Pornography and robots! How does technology get any more high-tech and wrong. People are literally going to have relations with their computers. I’m flabbergasted and without words to describe how bad this is for all of us! Several hundred years ago, scientists would have never even considered doing something like this if they had the ability because science was yoked by morality and good conscious.

    Any scientist trying to spread this dangerous technology to the public would have been gently placed in a tower to reflect on how they were wrong, much like an errant, mischievous child is placed in timeout.  This is why we need morality in science again.

    4 / 5

    Dear friends, let’s have a frank discussion. There is a reason why male and female anatomy is the way it is, and when put together, you make babies. Having a love affair with your computer is not why you’ve been given the seed of life, men. Pornography is drugs for the mind and will ruin your outlook on life. Don’t get lured by the siren call of lust and lewdness. I’m sure a woman’s version of this device is on the way, so women, the same message goes to you.

    Spreading Falsities
    4 / 5
    As any person in their right mind should know, you should not go about having inappropriate relations with inanimate objects. It will naturally lead to bad things. If we allow this to continue, there will come a point in society where men and women feel it is natural to want relations with machines.

    It always starts small but ends big. What will happen once AI gets programmed with this technology?  Bodies? Reproductive material (imagine, science will create robotic men that come prepackaged with sperm). These perversions to natural order will come to fruition unless once again religious councils guide the public into setting an edict for science.

    Final Product Rating: 0 – 4 – 5 – 4= -13

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