• Second Life Two Hookers Want to Prostitute Your Kids!

    January 12, 2009 4:31 pm 18 comments

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    As every good member here at the CW.org knows, video games are inherently dangerous.

    After hearing Pastor Jack dynamically speak last week about the Dangers of Video Games, my spouse and I immediately went home and investigated the video game stashes of our teenage sons. What we found confirmed the worst of our fears.

    First, for the people reading who do not get to regularly watch Pastor Jack or catch his speaking engagements should know that modern video games encourage things such as prostitution, drugs, murder, homegrown terrorism and other unmentionable acts of horror.

    For example, a computer game named Second Life has an actual real life sex market. The people behind the characters virtually trade thousands of dollars (which apparently in Second Life translates to real money!). This jaw-dropping article –an account of a person who hooks on Second Life– will break your heart.

    Needless to say after seeing this we ‘booted’ up the gaming system as Jbox suggested (our sons have Xbox, PlayStation and Computer Gaming), and were immediately inundated by profanity in a game called True Crime on the Playstation gaming system.

    The objective of this game was to go around Los Angeles, beating civilians senseless and frisking women who appeared to be street walkers. The game even permitted the driver of a car to run over people and collect a kill count!

    What sort of example does this set? Needless to say, I had seen enough and when my boys arrived home, I made them go through and show us each game one by one so we could decide what to allow and what not to allow.

    Satisfied of our confiscation and ‘depriving the kids of depravity’, I was happy to leave them to their independence and fun playing good games. Still, parents, beware. Know that this stuff is out there and check our your kids’ stash of video games. You’ll surely find something wrong and need to destroy it so they properly learn how real life is supposed to work.

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