• Skanks in NYC – The Liskula Cohen vs Google Case

    January 6, 2009 2:31 pm Comments Off
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  • Many of you at work and home today may have heard something about the ‘Skanks in NYC’ case, where the very pretty former vogue model Liskula Cohen is challenging Google to release the name of a blogger, a blogger whose fingers were inspired to launch some pretty hurtful words to the fashion model.

    According to various reports, the blogger allegedly called Liskula Cohen an “old hag”, a ‘skank, and quite sadly a ‘ho’. Such words leaves one to wonder if the blogger was infected by the spirit of rap music, in which the rappers so callously, yet routinely, insult God’s second human creation in such degenerate ways. Liskula Cohen was certainly blessed with beauty.

    Liskula Cohen wants Google to release the blogger’s name so she can have the option to at least have the person own up to what they said of her. According to various sources, Cohen will challenge Google to get the blogger’s name so she may serve up a defamation suit if the post is not removed from the blog.

    Dear friends today, this case is yet another one of millions which proves 100% why the internet should be registered. In this day and age, the heart of man is far removed from a biblical heritage and thus is naturally ebbing toward the shores of eternal evil.

    This blogger called Cohen some very hurtful names, and though the ‘adage sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me’ is common from childhood to many people, it certainly is far from the truth. Words hurt.

    And much like words hurt the heart, things like pornography and illegal acquisition of goods (such as movies, music) hurt the soul. The internet is currently a hate-filled depot of debauchery and thievery, where its inhabitants can freely gallivant about insulting beauties such as Cohen, robbing American companies of their resources and corrupting the heart of mankind with pornography.

    This is all done because the internet is anonymous. Two things are needed to fix the internet problem. 1) Non anonymity. 2) Internet Oversight Committee – a branch of the FCC that would be comprised of a group of citizens, including those from the major branches of Christianity, that would monitor morality on the net and censor what does not meet expectations.

    This would be a wonderful solution to the problem of the internet, and instantly cause many crimes to cease in our great nation.

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