• Soviet Putin Makes Friends With White Flag Waving Obama

    January 28, 2009 11:24 pm 2 comments
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    Russian Dictator Vladmir Putin today expressed kind words to his comrade, B. Hussein Obama. Putin’s praise for Obama came after the new ‘president’ announced that he would not continue President Bush’s plan to bring freedom to Europe by instilling fear and paranoia in the Godless Soviet atheists.

    Instead, an apologetic Obama is planning to remove our missiles from around Russia. As reported by the Fair and Balanced people at Fox News:

    Is Russia getting caught up in Obamamania?

    It would seem so, according to reports out of Moscow and Davos, Switzerland, where the World Economic Forum is under way.

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin — after a sometimes tense relationship with President Bush, particularly over the United States’ plans for a missile shield in Eastern Europe — appeared to soften his stance on Tuesday.

    Putin, who as president oversaw a major increase in defense spending, said in Davos that militarization was no solution, the Times of London reported, and he called on Obama to “co-operate constructively” in international affairs.

    “We wish the new team success,” Putin said. “Militarization does not help solve problems. We are against spending more money on military efforts.”

    The comments came on the heels of a report Tuesday that Russia was backing off a threat to deploy missiles near Poland, a report that may have been aimed at testing President Obama’s intent to follow through on Bush’s plan for a European missile shield.

    And on Monday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev spoke to Obama for the first time by telephone.

    “The presidents agreed that, as they were both new leaders from a post-Cold War generation, they have a unique opportunity to establish a fundamentally different kind of relationship between our two countries,” the White House said in a statement released after the phone conversation.

    The report on the missile threat came from the private Interfax news agency, which cited an unidentified armed forces general staff official as saying Russia has suspended implementation of plans to deploy Iskander missiles in the Kaliningrad enclave because the Obama administration is not pushing hard to build an interceptor site next door in Poland.

    This is truly troubling. The last time America refused to directly intervene in Europe, the threats of both NAZIs and Russian communists quickly laid waste to the moral lands of Europe. As the German NAZIs made friends with the fiendish Japanese armies, it was the Soviets who forwarded a world domination plan that included making the whole world follow the ways of atheism.

    To stop the threat of Russia, America was naturally blessed with knowledge of how to make the atomic bomb as to bring freedom and peace to mankind. The fact that Obama now refused to use the superior arms and might of America is troubling at best.

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