• Taliban Terrorists Love Paliban.org, ‘It Deceives Americans’

    January 28, 2009 2:20 pm 7 comments
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  • Our informants have uncovered yet another sinister plot of Obama’s minions of terror, this time their machinations in the form of an internet site named Paliban Daily at www.paliban.org.

    Various reports indicate that Paliban Daily is a play on Palestine and Taliban (merged into Paliban), whose purpose is to create a cover site with seemingly moral stories. Any such organization is naturally sinister, as their true end goal can only be the destruction of Israel, America and all other things right and true.

    Former Iraqi Information Minister Endorsing Paliban Daily

    Former Iraqi Information Minister Endorsing Paliban Daily

    Upon reviewing the site, several experts we consulted also suggested it employed advanced methods of terror mind control, subliminally implanted into each article. This is similar to the tactics used by CNN, Huffington Post or MSNBC when they claim to have an ‘unbiased’ story.

    An extremist on the site, named PalibanMother, purportedly has made claims that our Mission to bring Values, Morality and Conservatism to an unsaved world is a very bad thing. Being against the bearers of such qualities naturally means your heart is aligned with the vast liberal conspiracy. In further attempts to fool the masses, they also decided to bite the fine aesthetic of our community…crafted by the gifted hands on one Brian Gardener.

    It’s my true hope that Paliban Daily has a revival and repents of their seemingly wicked ways. Much as the noble President George W. Bush had faith that the once blind Iraqi people could find the light, I have faith that a few agents of morality exist within the kingdom of Paliban. I charge them to sever their terrorist roots and embrace the freedom of capitalism and the one true religion, the natural heritage of any proper society.

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