• The Internet Breeds Sex Addiction

    January 1, 2009 1:02 am 1 comment

    As is well understood, here on God’s green Earth there are many sources of sin and temptation.  One of the biggest temptations mankind faces is that off sex addiction, and the primary source of the addiction in modern times is the evil part internet itself. (Article continues after video)

    While the fact that all of our homes are miraculously interconnected by a series of wires and tubes (of which scientists don’t fully understand how it’s able to work but he on must high of course does) is truly awe-inspiring and full of potential, due to this interconnected nature one never knows where the danger of internet sexual temptation will rear its ugly head.

    This day and age, experts estimate that the majority of the internet is dedicated to sites that are sexually oriented, one for just about any sort of sick perversion a person can dream up. The fact that our kids have access to such sites is scary enough, and couple that with people who actually browse those sites have access to our kids is even worse.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, we know that today the nuclear family is being devastated. Divorce rates are up and aside from things like the feminist movement and liberalism being directly to blame, another big culprit are the carnal internet sites that promote things such as crass porn, the homosexual agenda and things that would best be left unstated.

    So what can we, as responsible people, do to combat this dark and growing internet? I have the answer: The Be Safe Online Override Filter, as supported by Dave Ramsey and American Family Radio.

    This excellent tool will selectively censor and block the sites we deem inappropriate from your house. Never again will you have to worry about a site accidentally coming up, your kids being preyed up or falling into the temptation of the dark web. This excellent filter will assist you with your free will and living your life right. Remember, pornography is drugs for the mind. The Override Filter will makes sure your mind stays clean.Creative Markup
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