• Week in Review – Relentless Liberals, Confessions and Apology to Landover Baptist Church (and Pastor Zeke)

    January 29, 2009 9:13 am 5 comments
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  • Only several decades ago, the noble Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II (liberal Catholic, but had his heart in the right place) fought with all their might against the atheist threat of Soviet Russia. With great expertise, faith and reliance on blessed capitalism, these two men on a divine mission were able to topple the stronghold of communism and ensure security in America, and therefore, the world.

    But lo, the generations progressed and grew more perverse as piety continued to falter in America. Even though the main threat of atheism, the USSR, was defeated there lingered those in America who wanted the kingdom of darkness to reign supreme yet again. This dark force of Satan, known to you now as Liberals (civil rights activists, feminists, vegans, atheists, ACLU, Democrats and so on), has hijacked America itself and is attempting to set in stone the Laws of Immorality.

    Unfortunately, nearly 70 million people in the US had their hearts hardened and voted for B. Hussein Obama. Since this time I’ve witnessed first hand, as discussed with our good friend Jack yesterday, great dissent amongst the ranks of morality.

    Only days ago, and this is my confession, I even cast very hard-biting words against a community named the Landover Baptist Church, accusing Pastor Ezekiel of extorting the words of our good friend Joe P. Reagan as his own in some sort of planned liberal agenda. I accused them of being anti-religion and subversive, due to being alert to their questionable endorsement of Barack Obama, among other things.

    After being contacted by several fellows from this Landover, and talking to them about spirituality and their beliefs in being Christian, I can see how my eyes were possibly blinded to the fact that Landover Baptist Church is not a common kingdom of iniquity as we’ve dealt with in the past, who twist our words for sinister liberal purposes, but rather a potential pillar of the right. Even though we may not agree on everything, our mission to bring morality is not necessarily mutually exclusive.

    My bold actions even encouraged a fallout between the Paliban and our adorable friend Amber Cooper (and soon to be Mommy twice over, congrats!), both accusing each other of all sorts of madness. For these things I apologize.

    Friends, today I tell you this. The Legion of Liberals are fighting us like never before. Each and every day they reach out into the masses and try to corrupt the heart of the righteous. It is our duty to remain resolute in combating ills like the Gay Agenda and Lies of Evolution, while remaining resolute to our Mission.

    Above all, this is a time of unity for the right. Let us remain steadfast in our brotherhood and build up and not tear down, lest the liberals succeed in tearing asunder what’s left of all things good.

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