• Woman Can Not Do The Same Work As Men

    January 30, 2009 5:25 pm 25 comments

    Hello, good friends, Joe P. Reagan here. Hopefully everyone had an excellent weekend. Mine was filled with random awesomeness, including an unprecedented crossing of our old friend Ted (John Goodman good’ ol’ boy type) with some folks who refused to speak English to him at a drop-joint restaurant. Twasn’t pretty and that doozy of a topic will have to unfortunately wait for another time.

    Today, however, we have a more important issue to discuss. Women. Who would have thought? More importantly, today my question is this. Can a woman truly do any job on Earth as good and readily as a man?

    Now already, I know a MissPixy (infamous feminist on heathen liberal hotbed ShoutWire.com) led femi-army is burning Joe Reagan effigies and cursing our names for having the audacity to discuss such topics. ‘Whatever a man can do, a woman can do BETTER!’ While that is surely the pc thing to say, as many you have correctly guessed the slogan actually came from a drunken orgy of 60s acid induced logic.

    You’re so nuked for what you said about my dress 34.3 days ago!

    You see, my friends, the fact is this. Women do deserve equal treatment and opportunity in society. Though this day and age women have fallen far out of their natural role of raising families, which hurts society, there is nothing wrong with such noble considerations. Progress is good in theory.

    The problem we face today comes from this new breed of relentless ‘fundamentalist feminism‘. A good portion of women in society are trying to coerce us into believing any given woman can necessarily do a task or job better than a random Joe. To think otherwise is pure blasphemy, they’ll say.

    And that’s where we are today, my friends. A society deluded with the notion that it’s not ok to question if a women would handle a job in similar manner to a guy. While I’m not sexist, I’ll tell you this…and excuse my crassness. Women handle crap differently.

    Back before the elections and during primaries, I watched the news headlines flash by when on lunch break, then again saw an interesting post in a forums. It was all about this story where Hillary Clinton appeared to be getting flustered (read ‘near crying’) about her unprecedented trailing behind in initial US presidential caucuses.

    While some of the other trailing candidates properly resort to more poli-dickery and slinging dirt, Hillary is faking tears though ‘still showing resolve’. Or is she? Are those emotions breaking through the surface from just primaries, or is it just tricks from what some erudite men would call a mean fire-breathing dragon? It seems Hillary took it upon herself to prove the dragon part.

    I dared question such things around evening water-cooler time at work and before I even got home, I got this email. “Hey Joe, Tomorrow we need to work on being more sensitive. Apparently today you questioned Hillary Clinton’s ability to lead as a woman, based on her gender. That is not appropriate and upset several co-workers. Please apologize accordingly tomorrow. Signed, Boss McBossyPants.”

    Why is it now a sin to bring up notions? I’ll tell you, in case you’ve never endured such things. You get that picture of Hillary up above, with the added joy of sleeping on a couch and not knowing when you’ll be jumped by some tough looking women. Then feminists lobby their government and jobs to make it a near criminal act to suggest such things in work-place discussions.

    So we end up with a society full of silenced men, and even women, who can’t question such things. Then society progresses and Suzy Homemaker is equally lifting 300 pound guys from burning buildings, patrolling tough neighborhoods solo and casting tears and fits when the heat may get to be too much.

    Who knows, maybe I’m the jerk this time around for questioning the ability of Hillary and Suzy Homemaker in certain jobs. There’s a point in all of this, and it’s that we need to cool it on the PC stuff these days. In the order of nature, women are meant to simply rear and nurture children. Their bodies are made for it, a man’s is not.

    I’d state it in more witty, eloquent fashion, but I have many a pre-emptive apology email to forward for future attacks from liberal censorship board. ‘Till next time, folks.

    =Joe P. Reagan=

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