• 13-Year-Old Boy Who Looks 8 Has a Baby

    February 13, 2009 11:25 pm 13 comments

    This very shocking and alarming story from England should make you want to lock your kids in their rooms this weekend.

    abstinence Pictures, Images and PhotosA 13-year-old child, named Alfie, recently had shocking news for for his parents. No, he didn’t break mom’s vase. No, he didn’t make a C on his last math exam.

    No, instead, this 4-foot tall, 8-year-old child had something else to tell: he got his girlfriend pregnant. He is going to be an underage, unmarried father.

    While this story is especially hard-hitting, especially given the very youthful looks of the subjects at the heart of it, the lesson to parents should ring clarion.

    Abstinence only education must become mandatory.

    As was told in an interview with The Sun (Britain’s version of MSNC), the teen couples only engaged in premarital relations one time.

    One may think that with only one time, odds are pregnancy will not occur. Statistics prove this is false time and time again. Unprotected premarital sex almost always leads to babies at a staggering 87% of the time. Using a condom does not change that rate much, only dropping the numbers down to 85%.

    If the teens in question are promiscuous they have a high chance of catching AIDS then getting killed from it within a year. The same goes for other STDS.

    For these reasons above all any responsible parent who loves their kids will demand abstinence only for their precious, innocent children.

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