• 13-Year-Old Jonathon Krohn Talks Conservatism

    February 28, 2009 4:09 am 3 comments
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  • A new Republican prodigy of ours is on the rise through the GOP and though his thoughts are far from being perfected, it is good to see a bright young man impassioned with a heart to follow the GOP.

    This day and age, too many kids fall the way of video games, having abortions for sport, prostitution and other sins encouraged by the Democrats, but not many can say they have published a book, addressed a body of professional politicians or have the sharp fashion sense of young Mr. Krohn.

    I’d also like to again thank Jon’s parents for the fine job they’ve done in teaching this child about conservatism. The only fault he has in this speech of course is not mentioning the most core value any American should have is dedication to their God, as the founding father’s intended. Religion is the foundation of America and America was allowed to prosper over the British, and every other enemy to this day, by divine edict.

    Our country is truly blessed and after this young man beings to fully understand the spirit of the GOP, we will gladly watch him progress through our party ranks.

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