About eighty years ago the Scopes Monkey trial seemed to become the driving force where evolutionary teachings were eventually put into our schools and prayer and Bible reading were taken out. At this time, the evolutionist's claimed that Biblical Creationists were being intellectually bigoted by excluding evolutionary teachings. But now we actually have this premise in reverse. Evolutionist's truly are being intellectually bigoted by excluding the scientific facts of Biblical Creationism. Therefore, the stage is once again set to for the battle of our origins and our minds. Some are even calling it the modern day Scopes Monkey trial. It's the battle over Intelligent Design. Therefore, this series, An Intelligent Creation takes a look at the hardcore scientific data that logically reveals how all of life was intelligently designed implyng an Intelligent Designer, namely God. These logical evidences include the evidence of the Universe, the Solar System, the Earth, the Human Body, the Animal Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, and the Bacteria Kingdom. An Intelligent Creation clearly reveals that an Intelligent God created us for an intelligent purpose; to live a life beyond our wildest dreams in Him!
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