Just a selection of things I keep because they make me happy.Please give love to the haters.Except there are only 50 things because I miscounted. Shut up.My blog. I update all the time:http://filletskillet.blogspot.comThe music is by The Polish Ambassador - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (also he sent me an email saying it was all sweet hey!)Check out his music and buy. As you can hear it is amazing. The song used is called 'Bonus Stage' from the album 'The Phantasmal Farm':http://www.thepolishambassador.com/media/albumsThe idea for making it all backwards came from Nick (mongoos150):http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=upqIq9OvP2Ibut I'm pretty sure he got the idea from YouthStreet News (this is unverified):http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=nrthYBE0Uzgand we got the idea off Meghan (Strawburry17):http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=ThFUOHW-3M0Don't you just love the internet? I do. The ideas, they fly and get stolen. I guess this is a real collaboration.Also you can't see what some of the items are, so here is a list for you:1. Academic achievement medals2. Pokemon LeafGreen3. The 13-and-a-half Lives of Captain Bluebear - my favourite book of all time4. Textbook: "Communication and New Media"5. Dangle-foot Sheep (closest thing to a fish)6. Soapstone Twitter-bird courtesy of killert00thbrush7. Cheers to 60 Years glass (closest thing to '18')8. Cigar in plastic9. Commemorative Samoa plank-thing10. Kissing giraffes statue11. Picture of my sister and I (when I was 10-or-so)12. Knitted Black Duck13. Prefect badge14. Ty plush squirrel (with tag - mint condition)15. Erotic whip16. Google AdSense mail-thingy17. Mackenzie bear18. "Jesus is coming, look busy" shirt courtesy of JohnofJordan19. Letter from Ralph20. Mobile phone21. Wrist-band with a green bead (green means go!)22. Red glowstick courtesy of my brother and the Royal Australian Navy23. Denim beanbag24. Green Converse Allstar25. Blue Converse Allstar26. Black Converse Allstar (signed by Andy Hunter!)27. Red Converse Allstar28. Clone Wig courtesy of I stole it with permission29. A book all about Gnomes30. David Crowder*Band CD31. Skins season 1 soundtrack32. Mute Math's self-titled debut album (special edition)33. JMag's Little Red Bar Book34. The final shooting script for Napoleon Dynamite ($4.99 at Dymocks)35. Public Speaking award (best mooter and/or debater of my college in 2005)36. A pew Bible37. Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis (mindblowing!)38. An old edition of JMag39. My "Happy Birthday" ball40. Tennis racket41. Graduation... thing.42. Beer bong (dusty!)43. Unused Warhammer 40k rulebook (it got too expensive. OMG)44. African bowl45. Samoan fan46. Plastic Lei47. Plastic hard-hat (Signed with "This is worth $50" written on the inside - I don't know why!)48. Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE.49. Beaded little fish that lives on my ceiling50. AusOne 2008 sticker51. I already told you there's no 51. But there were three medals at the start, so deal with it.
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