• Albinos in Tanzania Are the Target of Witchcraft Killings

    February 8, 2009 5:34 pm Comments Off
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  • In the African country of Tanzania, sad reports show that people who are albinos are being hunted down and killed in a very brutal fashion. Belief in witchcraft is very prevalent and widespread in Tanzania, and a current teaching and ideal that’s spreading through their society is that albinos are witches who posses magical powers.

    This is truly a very serious and eye-opening story about the differences in our society. In this day and age, where knowledge can be so readily accessed it is a travesty that such barbaric rituals continue to endure.

    Christians oft times speak out about doing missionary work and helping those less fortunate, yet every day I hear about genocide in Africa or stories like this and no Christian, missionary, American or UN politician in site. Yet, somehow, there are always reporters and always more words being typed on the subject.

    Darfur. Sudan. Tanzania. The list goes on. These are all areas people want to forget about, yet the truth of the matter is these people are facing grievous atrocities, a good portion of which are borne from the fact that these regions were exploited and prevented from development during occupation from ‘Western’ empires that spread in the name of their Christian religion.

    It is our responsibility, as humans, to do everything in our power to help people and ensure they have a nice quality of life. We need to demand our nations, with computers and information something we take for granted, find ways to help the governments of these nations develop into a standard where there is less disparity between its inhabitants in all things, from the basics to survival (food, shelter and medicine) and beyond (widespread knowledge access and information).

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