• All Eyes on Me – The Obama Rap Music Mix Tape

    February 10, 2009 5:06 am Comments Off

    Only a day after Chris Brown had an embarrassing arrest for allegedly beating his girlfriend Rihanna, urban music is making another big headline -this time a bit more positive- with the All Eyes on Me Obama Mix tape.

    Created by an independent artist, the Obama All Eye on Me mix tape features several past secular rap vibed songs with lyrics that pertain to the life and presidency of President Barack Obama.

    The title song in question stems from an artist who was known as Tupac Shakur.

    Tupac was a ‘talented’ young rapper in the 1990s, whose controversial music was offensive but many accounts from fans indicate they could relate to and feel his music. Being laced with profanities and obscene references, some of Tupac’s songs attempted to sing about respect to others (such as his mother).

    While we certainly do not condone the negative aspects of Tupac’s music, it is good to see an artist using the medium and transferring lyrics to something positive (even though we don’t exactly agree with Obama, either).

    So if you’re interested in reviewing this music or downloading the All Eyes on Me – Obama Mix tape, visit the artist’s (Mekka Don) internet web site. It seems there is now a bonus track on there called Dear Obama, definitely a salutation we’ve used quite frequently in our letters of disapproval to the president.

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