• Amanda Beard Playboy Pics and Michael Phelps Banned for Bong Pics

    February 6, 2009 6:04 am 2 comments
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  • Last week disappointment was the name of the game as none other than champion American Olympian Michael Phelps was caught smoking some wacky-tabacky drugs.

    The American hero who easily defeated foreign swimmers of lesser counties during the Olympics did not say no to drugs, and is now paying the price. The Swimming Authority has banned Michael Phelps for partaking in a bong, and the duration of this suspension will be 3 months. Hopefully in that time he’ll reflect on his ways and renounce his sinful ways.

    The Righteous Kill Premiere - Arrivals

    Surprisingly, Amanda Beard, another star athlete who turned to the dark ways of Playboy pornography pics tried to be the voice of reason during this situation with Michael Phelps. She had this to say:

    “If anyone knows public scrutiny, it’s me.” “When I posed for Playboy, so many officials looked down on me. Michael knows he isn’t a bad person. He made a mistake. People need to get over it. I want to cheer him on in London.”

    While there surely is redemption and forgiveness, Amanda, there is a process to consider. No one wants their kids to be cheering for crack-addict nudist pornographers at the London games. “Hey, look ma! It’s the hooker we saw on the way from the airport last night, now she’s doing a 100 meter butterfly!”

    No thanks. Say no to drugs and as Pastor Jack always says, remember that pornography is drugs for the mind.

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