• Are Modern College Cheerleader Uniforms Too Slutty?

    February 18, 2009 3:26 pm 13 comments

    Over the weekend my Christian fraternity brothers and I attended a nice sporting event, in which we enjoyed our team routing the adversary by a healthy margin. It was good fun and after youth group the following night, we talked about one aspect of the game that we did not really enjoy: the seductive cheerleaders.

    Cheerleaders are supposed to bring good tidings and cheer to the crowd, providing inspiration for families who are attending the games to jump and say ‘Hoorah’ for the home team. Nowhere is immoral clothing or suggestive urban dancing needed for this, but yet, sadly, it now seems to be the norm.

    Most recently on topic, lack of morality and indecency has plagued the holy land of Idaho, where seductive Idaho Vandal cheerleader uniforms have caused public outrage and pandemonium with their antics and short skirts.

    In news that is befitting the signs of the times, cheerleaders at the University of Idaho have come under fire for having uniforms that are just far too sexy. Folks in the community were reportedly not taking to kindly too cheerleader girls who wear short skirts and at least several Idaho geriatrics are accusing the girls of some sort of witchcraft. Several men were also said to have fainted from shock at what they were seeing at the games.

    n harrowing cases like this, it’s important to review picture evidence and let you be the decency judge. Are cheerleaders who wear skimpy clotching, shaking every which way like a seizing harlot destroying the good wholesome fun of college sporting events?

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