• Barack Obama Continues To Unfix Our Economy

    February 23, 2009 7:57 am 4 comments
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  • The lecherous liberals are holding fast and doing their best to ensure the end of America, as they have now forced through an economic plan that has undone all the good of precious President George W. Bush’s economy.

    Barack Obama’s new economic stimulus package and job creation platform is an expensive nightmare! The liberals claim that by stealing the money from all of you hard-working business owners, doctors and executives out there, that somehow 300 million new jobs for the non-workers of this country will be created.

    Now at this point some of you may protest, ‘but there are not even 300 million people in this country’ and that’s my point! Barack Obama is using fake numbers and his lewd liberal legionnaires are happily lassoing what was left of a strong American economy into submission.

    Much like a western gone bad with effeminate cowboys, this is going to be one broke economy when Obama gets done with it.

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