• Bristol Palin Talks About Abstinence

    February 17, 2009 11:06 am 9 comments
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  • Greta Van Susteran puts Bristol Palin, the daughter of Sarah Palin, to task about abstinence and good ol’ conservative values. As you know, Bristol committed premarital relations that marred noble Senator John McCain’s campaign, setting the stage for the atheistic B. Husein Obama to steal the presidency from President Bush. Let’s take a look at this interesting interview and see how old Bristol holds up against a bit of the peer pressure…
    (article cont’d after video)

    Spirit of iniquity can cause even GOP teens to falter under inquisition

    Did that young woman really just say ‘abstinence is not realistic’? That type of logic and thinking is the exact problem we’re having today with the destruction of the nuclear family, single urban moms needing welfare and of course abortion.

    Let’s look at the facts here. Abstinence is very realistic. If it was not realistic, we wouldn’t know about it now would we?

    Only evil influences or questionable parenting would have a teen convinced otherwise. The facts are that abstinence is the best policy and at their core, when they are properly raised and know the value of abstinence over promiscuity, any teen in their right mind will be disgusted with the idea of carnal coital contact before their wedding night.

    You see the problem many teen girls face these days is that their mothers do not raise them proper. They are uppity women — feminists — who put the value of a job over instilling proper values of family and life in their daughter’s hearts.

    A woman must lead by example, and when your mom is out there in the workforce working as a secretary or vice, getting ogled by her boss and such, that naturally sets it to a daughter’s mind that women are pieces of meat to be objectified.

    If the mom was at home cooking dinner, keeping the house in order, tucking the kids in bed and instilling values all the while, the problem is avoided and the mom leads by example, just as nature intended.

    Now at this point some liberals will get all huffy and claim that’s not fair, as it takes two incomes these days to keep a house running. To them I say you made the bed so now sleep in it.

    Really. If we didn’t have President Spend-happy Obama causing us to have trillions of dollars of debt, with his War in Iraq, supporting abortions worldwide, giving the non-working free food and healthcare and now a stimulus package for unworthy businesses…the economy would be much better and wives would have less pressure to go out and take nursing or secretarial jobs.

    Every year 15 million new cases of STDs pop up and by the time you reach college, 80% of people will have had some form of STD.

    The facts of teens and abstinence are best reviewed by the science of pure statistics:
    Fact: 87% of teens hope to have one marriage partner for life. (those other 22% are probably pagans or misguided atheists).

    Fact: 58% of teens realize premarital sex is wrong and will lead to getting an STD, if you wear a condom or not.

    Now this one is very, very troubling. Only 58% of teens understand the science behind sexual intercourse and the use of contraceptive methods. These teens are no doubt the same teens that had parents who voted for John McCain.

    As you know, even with the use of condom, IUD and such the spread of stds is rabidly rampant. You can still get pregnant and catch AIDS no matter what is used, and that alone should be a very good incentive to get married and enjoy monogamy.

    When teens practice abstinence, they get pregnant 0% of the time and have 0% chance of becoming dead from AIDS, which leaves them to enjoy their long, happy life 100%.

    Fact: 79% of high school students are virgins.

    Now this number was originally reported as only 54%, and that’s surely subject to error due to lies told by teens due to peer pressure from the liberal media. Using the Luther-Boerdren correction factor, we can safely assume at a 95% confidence level that 76% – 82% of teens in high school are virgins.

    Back in the 1950s, 98% of students in high school practiced abstinence. There were a few cases out in liberal California and some in New York that were outliers to the norm. For the most part, however, all kids were chaste. Why?

    Well, for one, there was prayer allowed in public schools. Instead of ogling one another, kids were praying for one another. Moms stayed home back then too, instilling values in their children.

    So what’s it going to be, world? Are we going to let our teens continue to get STDs and get pregnant. No one is exempt, not even the vice-secretary of John McCain.

    Make your stand today, parents. Don’t let your kid became a bad statistic. Teach them abstinence. Moms, teach your daughters the values of home economics and chastity. The more you do this, the more we return to having a more moral, realistic America. Until next time.

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