• Crazy Fundies We Are Not, Amanda Palmer and Friends

    February 6, 2009 1:03 pm 4 comments
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  • One of the most ugly, hateful things in our world today is unfair prejudice and stereotyping. Surely, this age of progressiveness that has been fostered by the Conservative Christian movement has lead to unprecedented peace among the global cultures, but there are still those out there who want nothing but division amongst everyone.

    They have no vision of a future where we all peacefully co-exist in a global kingdom where everyone comes to realize that their pagan cultures were wrong, and ours was Right.

    Friends, since starting our sworn Mission to bring the truth to the world, we’ve endured many senseless attacks from all sorts of people: atheists, Asian communists, Democrats, the gays, Soviets and even major internet companies themselves.

    Though in their hearts they know their ways are barbaric and the truth of our words ring clarion in their ears and across millions of people on the internet, denial is a very, very hard pill to swallow.

    People say ‘you are crazy fundies.’ ‘We declare war upon you!’ ‘We’re going to perform ancient ceremonies to our idols to curse you!’ and the like to us, and it’s a really sad thing, but expected.

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    Much like angry teenagers when being taught right from wrong by their parents, savage readers who daily come to be fed the truth get riled up as our teachings make them question their lifestyle. While they may yell obscenities and go to their room, slamming the door in the process, one day it will all inevitably sink in and they will emerge responsible adults with enlightened minds and hearts.

    Sadly, there are those teenagers who never learn and we surely will have readers who are the same way. For them, however, the day will come that not even the coldest winter’s day in Antarctica could chill the fire that eternally burns around them forever!

    That said, we received this tip that now even Amanda Palmer is trying to poke fun at our teachings in a very tongue in cheek fashion. Yes, Obama is still wrong. And yes, killing babies will never be right. Humor is the vile tool liberals use to distract your minds from the truth. I charge you to never forget such lessons, let us look:

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