• Crazy Travis The Chimp Attacks Woman

    February 17, 2009 10:25 am 3 comments

    Stamord, Connecticut – Shock and awe fill a local community as a once beloved pet and local attraction, named Travis the Chimp, brutally unveiled its savage side and nearly savaged a woman to death.

    The woman is still in critical condition from the very horrible attacks from the chimpanzee, a form of monkey, that everyone in the town thought to be a pet.

    Travis the Chimp is a celebrity to many, having been seen on television shows and in numerous media publications. This chimp was considered to be one of the most well trained and held an iconic status to the good people of Stamford.

    Today, however, tragedy.

    For reasons that are still being investigated, Travis the Chimp went into a rage and started to a attack a 55-year-old woman who had shown up to visit this animal’s owner.

    An eye-witness, and friend of the victim, had this to say of Travis’ attack:

    “He bit both of her hands off and the cop told me he just kept eating her. It’s terrible!”

    With her friend being brutally attacked by the savage chimpanzee, the owner bravely went into action to save her friend’s life. Local police captain Richard Conklin had this to say of her actions, in an interview with CBS:

    “The owner went into the kitchen, retrieved a long butcher knife and stabbed the chimp several times to assist her friend.”

    When the police arrived on the scene, the chimp had fled into a nearby wood but soon returned to engage in bloodlusted attacks on the police cruiser.

    “The chimpanzee knocked the mirror off”, Captain Conklin continued, “and tried to access the police car by opening the door.”

    After attacking the police car, the chimp tried to escape once again and ran back inside of the house in which it had lived. When police found the pet reverted to wild animal, it had succumbed to its stab and gunshot wounds.

    Now this story is terribly tragic and we hope and pray the victim has a speedy recovery. Behind all this is one lesson that people need to remember, and it’s one that the Crocodile Hunter used to say quite often as well:

    Respect animals.

    We get very comfortable with animals when we have them as pets, and as such we don’t necessarily realize that they have certain innate traits that can be expressed, even over their training, at any moment. Inhibition is not always something an animal can consistently exercise as can be more expected with humans.

    A natural trait of a chimp is to exert aggression, especially to newcomers or when in a group. This case is a very sad and unfortunate reminder of that fact.

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