• Cute Baby Monkey Eating an Apple Video is Evolutionist Propaganda

    February 3, 2009 5:43 am 11 comments
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    Evolutionists cajole this poor, innocent monkey into wearing a dress
    Creative Commons License photo credit: jimpg2

    The crazy evolutionists are at it again, as this time it seems their monthly agenda is focused upon creating videos and images that feature really cute animals.

    Last week the cult of crazed scientists released images of two puppies, who were cute, but were the product of cloning. As you know, clones are very evil as they are not the product of natural reproduction between men and women. They are lifeless vessels and an abomination. Therefore, the puppies are evil.

    This week, evolutionists went into the dark, backward land of the Africas to abduct a real life monkey. They coerced this poor creature of the jungle into eating an apple on film, using camera work to make it look like a young child enjoying an apple. This propaganda piece is meant to sway your mind into thinking, ‘this is where man evolved from’.

    Let’s have a look:

    Tasteless exploitation of an innocent creature, all for sinister ends. As you should know, man was created approximately 6000 years ago and given dominion over the beasts and plant life of Earth. While evolution works in a point forward basis, all creatures of Earth have their origins in the Garden of Eden, where Adam named them one by one.

    That includes the great-great-great (x 1000s!) grandparents of the monkey being exploited in this video.

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